International Case Study

The world as a whole is viewed as the market, and the firm develops an inclusive marketing strategy.

Unlike a global orientation, a multi-domestic orientation tailors the marketing mix toward individual countries where the marketing is conducted. The product, promotion, price and place operate Independently In one region to the next. On the other hand, a domestic orientation remains basically domestic. Minimal efforts are made to adapt the product, promotion, price or place to foreign markets.

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The primary intention is to market surplus domestic production; the approach is lassie as ethnocentric which is the notion that one’s own company or culture knows best. Nikkei exhibits a global orientation.

They have developed a global brand by marketing an image of quality, versatility and status everywhere. McDonald’s exhibits a multi domestic orientation In South Asia. While keeping Its branding consistent. They practice multi domestic marketing efforts. They bring local flavor to different countries with region specific menu items. In 2003, McDonald’s introduced the Microbial, a flatbed sandwich, to its restaurants in the Middle East.

Shell is an example of a domestic brand. They registered in the United States and remain in business in the United States. (Compeller) GE Energy is at the heart of China’s sustainable development, offering green solutions to address the country’s energy needs, from cleaner power generation to multiple renewable energy solutions. For example, gasification technology plays a critical role In china’s clean coal Initiatives. In remote areas, Canberra gas engines use boasted to generate power and heat for households. Wind energy is one of Brazier’s fastest-growing energy sources.

GE notes that it has expanded its wind turbine production facility in Brazil, as well as installed TTS 50th turbine in the country. The company says the expansion of Its Camping, SAA Paulo, and manufacturing facility will create 35 new Jobs. GE Lighting is leading the way In energy-efficient technology with energy-efficient soft white bulbs and energy smart Bright from the Start compact fluorescent bulbs. (GE) When a company decides to expand their business globally, they can face many issues, from the country that chooses to host them. One of these issues can be the cultural barriers.

Different countries have different cultures within and with a global business, the racketing strategy doesn’t change which can affect deferent cultures In a number of ways. With McDonald’s being a global business they face the Issue of religion In Deterrent countries. In IANAL, most AT ten people ah not eat Deer. Being Tanat McDonald’s is known for burgers, they had to alter the menu to attract and market to the people in India. They have an array of chicken, vegetable and other substitutes to beef offered on the menu.

Coco-Cola also faces economic issues in India. People all over India are challenging Coca-Cola for its abuse of water resource.

Coca-Cola had affected both quality and quantity of ground water. Due to its waste extracts, Coca- Cola was criticized for polluting the nearby fresh water and ground water and soil; because of this issue, farmers are suffering from water scarcity. Global companies can also face language issues.

Proctor & Gamble choose to name a detergent “Draft” after another proposed name, “Derek,” was found to mean dirt, garbage or body waste in German and Yiddish. Similarly, Rolls Royce chose to change the name of a new car from “Silver Mist” to “Silver Seraph” when it carefully discovered prior to launch that “mist” sounded like German slang for manure.