International Day

Learning a language can be a fun experience. But choosing what language you want to take can be a hard to decision, especially when you go to a school that has German, Spanish, Japanese, French, and Chinese. For the first time, on October 18, 2012, our school held an international day. International day was a day just for 8th graders, from all feeder schools, to come and learn about every language offered. This event lasted all day, there was a morning group of kids, and then an afternoon group.

At first all the kids got put into groups of six of their classmates, with two-three high school students to help them look around. The job of the guide was to make sure the kids were not just wondering around and keep them focused when they were at a station. As the kids went around the gym, they had a “passport.” The kids were to take notes on what they learned from each station. In the passport they had to write down the country the languages came from, what was taught, and get a stamp. As for the stations, each one had two-five students at each one.

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One student was the “teacher” who taught and talked about the language that they were taking. And they tried to convince the kids that they should take in next year when they come to high school. The other students were “assistants” who held up pictures, or just helped out the student teaching. Each language had at least two-five stations, that the kids to go to. And the kids were allowed to go to different stations from the same language. After the kids went to the stations, they had a game to play.

All kids got a worksheet with questions to answer, which they would get off the posters that students had made and hung all around the gym. Lastly, all the language teachers had a short talk with the kids to convince them to take their language. Overall the even went well. And I would give it two thumbs up. International day was a day of learning, entertainment, and inspiration.

I would definitely say that this event is going to become an annual one here.