Internet Privacy and Email Issues

Introduction In the past, technology was not a subject of contention as there was no evolution of technology. Additionally, people did not know how to use the existing technology. Presently, technology is evolving at increasing rate and many people are embracing it as a part of their lives.

The Internet is one of the technologies that people are using. Through the Internet, people are creating email accounts for communicating with their friends faster and easily. As a result, people use the Internet and email to store and communicate private information. Therefore, numerous issues concerning private information leaking to the public arose. Thus, this report aims at analysis the problem of internet privacy and email issues. Problem Definition Currently, there is invasion of privacy on the Internet and many email issues affecting the users.

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Internet is changing the people’s lives since with a mouse click one is able to acquire or share information with other Internet user. Using the email, people are able to get instant communication with their friends (Chung & Paynter, 2002). However, Internet users are sometimes unaware of the information they are putting on the Internet. It is becoming increasingly difficult for people to control the amount of information they are putting on the Internet (Chung & Paynter, 2002). When people are not able to control the information they are putting on the Internet, it means that other people are able to access it at their own will.

As a result, it is raising privacy concerns. Therefore, it shows that there is a huge problem with the internet privacy. On the other hand, the email is experiencing unauthorized access from external users. According to the usage of email, people open accounts where they can receive or send information (Chung & Paynter, 2002). In this accounts, people create private passwords. Thus, they are able to protect information in their accounts.

However, people with the knowledge of technology like hackers, are able to gain access to these email accounts and retrieve information. It is resulting to great concerns about whether email usage is safe or not (Chung & Paynter, 2002). Therefore, it shows that there is an immense problem in the internet privacy and email usage. Another email issue that is affecting the Internet users is the spread of viruses. Although email is regarded as the safest way of storing and communicating informatin, malicious people have been able to create viruses and spread them through emails (Chung & Paynter, 2002). In this case, if a person opens an email containing a virus, his/her computer will be affected.

As a result, he/she can lose important data. In this case, emails are proving to a disaster instead of making work easier (Chung & Paynter, 2002). Therefore, there is a need of finding solutions to email issues and the Internet privacy. Literature ReviewPrivacy Rights Clearing House is one of the authorities in the Internet that tries to regulate personal information. Additionally, Privacy Rights Clearing House tries to regulate the amount of information which the Internet users can access (Privacy Rights Clearing House, 2012). In this case, the authority should provide the Internet users with information to help them in using the Internet.

Thus, the authority provides the users with information about the applications where they can share information and how they can protect themselves (Privacy Rights Clearing House, 2012). This information is helpful in determination the purposes of learning the personal information rights while using the Internet. Another scholarly article ‘Privacy Issues on the Internet’ tries to argue about the privacy concerns of using the Internet. According to the article, the rapid evolution of technology is making it difficult for the relevant authorities to regulate the information distributed across the Internet (Chung & Paynter, 2002). On the other hand, the researchers have established that there are ways that one can use to protect personal information in the Internet. In addition, the researchers have found out that the people need to learn and move with evolution of technology if they want to protect their personal information (Chung & Paynter, 2002).

Therefore, this article will be extremely valuable for the research because it will provide information about the Internet privacy. Moreover, it will help the Internet users to find the ways in which they can protect their personal information in the Internet. The other source is a book ‘Ethical Issues of Information System’ that conveys a lot of information about the Internet privacy and email issues. This book provides information about the ethical issues that affect the Internet privacy and email issues (Salehnia, 2002). In this case, the book has some ethical implications for those people who tend to violate the Internet privacy. Additionally, the book has information about solutions to avoiding invasion of the Internet privacy (Salehnia, 2002).

On the other hand, the book also contains information about the email issues. Concerning email issues, the author is educating email users on the ways they can use to prevent email issues while using the Internet (Salehnia, 2002). Therefore, this book will not only help in providing information about the Internet privacy and email issues, but it also information on how to prevent them. Another book ‘Email: Legal Issues’ may be applicable in this research since it conveys legal issues affecting the email (Singleton, 2004). The book will provide the basis of email issues and the legal implications of these issues. Additionally, there is information about ways in which these issues could be prevented (Singleton, 2004).

According to the research, the main aim is to find the basis of the Internet privacy and emails issues and solutions to different problems (Singleton, 2004). Thus, the book will help in gathering information about email legal issues and solutions to the problems. Finally, the article ‘Internet Privacy: Interpreting Key Issues’ will be used in gathering information helpful in conducting the research. In many cases, the Internet users tend to ignore the real issues leading to the problem of the Internet privacy (Dhillon & Moores, 2001). In some cases, people blindly put their personal information on the Internet due to ignorance.

Thus, they do not take time to learn whether this information will implicate them in anyway (Dhillon & Moores, 2001). For this reason, the author is providing the Internet users with key information they are supposed to learn about the Internet privacy. Conclusion According to the above analysis, it is clear that the topic of the Internet privacy and email issues requires more research as it currently affects the people’s lives. According to various scholars, the Internet is changing the living conditions of people everywhere. For this reason, people need protection against invasion of their privacy and other malicious activities that might accrue. Additionally, due to the constant changes and rapid evolution of the Internet, there is a need for additional researches since the already existing information might be outdated.

Therefore, it is a simple request to continue with the research, as it will help in improving the Internet privacy and email issues.