Privacy Issues

How much of your life would you consider private? This is a question many people should ask themselves. You would be extremely surprised if you actually knew how unprivate your life really is. If you know anything about the internet it should be one thing, no matter what, all of your personal and private information can be accessed by almost any mediocre hacker. If you think that all of your social networking sites are completely protecting your private information you’re sadly mistaken the same rule applies to any “private” account you have. There is a particularly large group of computer hackers and activists called Anonymous, they have the capabilities to not only hack the government but the military as well. It is rather scary to know that at any moment a person can be sitting in front of a computer screen somewhere accessing all of your personal information.

Do you think you’re secure when in public? This is another question you should ask yourself. Just think somebody can be standing close to you looking over your shoulder at all of your personal information. Or how they have security camera’s at banks, stores, and ATM’s just try to take into consideration how many times in a day you are on a surveillance feed sometimes even without your knowledge of it happening. If you’ve ever been to a restaurant there is a great possibility that while you were eating without your knowledge or consent you’re being recorded. Even in your very own house you can be watched and listened upon and you would never find out.

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Now a days micro cameras and mini microphones can almost be implanted into any kind of device or object that you could possibly think of. If you ever have free time go ahead and take a while to think about how truly unprivate your life is. It may just surprise you when the reality hits you that the modern technological world is as sophisticated as it is. But don’t ponder on it too long or else you could get really freaked out on how crazily unsafe the technology is that supposedly is safe and secure really is. Take a second and think how unsafe it is before logging into Facebook or Twitter because you never know who may be watching or accessing what you’re doing. The same rules apply when you go to stores and banks. Just remember that you may never know who is watching or listening in on what you are doing… “We are Anonymous, We are Legion, We do not forgive, We do not forget” – Anonymous member tagline