Essay on Internet Use

Schools should block less internet pages. It is annoying and furthermore a hindrance. The censors are put up so that students do not get onto sites that are inappropriate and distracting. Unfortunately, in recent years, schools have gone overboard with this and blocked useful and necessary sites for our education. Students in both online and traditional classes are struggling for their grades when it comes to the internet.

Grades will over time become more damaged as a result of school safety measures. Assignments in online classes are being restricted because some of the sites that are need for an assignment are blocked. For example on Butler Tech Online in Psychology and in English many sites have been restricted. If sites are restricted for online classes grades will go down because students will guess on the answers. Some students don’t have the internet at home and so school is the only place they can do their work. If sites are blocked they are helpless and can do nothing to fix the situation.

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Even in traditional classes, if a student has no internet at home and is doing a research project they’re restricted by schools as to what sites they can get on. If a student looks up something such as a commentary on how wild animals don’t make good pets or entertainment they’re blocked out because it’s on a news website. There is no need to block news websites; it’s pointless and unnecessary censorship. The blocks restrict the information we need to obtain. How are we to do projects if we are not provided the means of which to do the task? If the website censorship is not taken down a few notches, students’ grades will be more and more severely affected.

Grades will start to slowly fall for students without internet at home or that simply are too busy to do the work at home. The web censorship is hurting students more than it is helping them. Schools should only block certain websites that would be inappropriate. Schools should be less afraid of what we are looking at on the internet and more afraid of what their censoring and blocking might do to our grades.