Wireless Internet Laptop

I think every student should have a Wifi enabled laptop for several reasons. They would easily be able to type papers right from their desk, or anywhere else. Students would also be able to contact their teachers through the laptops.

Also no matter where you are, you will always have access to the internet as long as your laptop is with you. Students could also look at pictures and videos of what’s being studied. First off, with a wireless internet laptop, students could easily type their papers from anywhere. This would shorten the transition time from one lesson to another because the class would not have to go to the computer lab, which could take 5 extra minutes each way. Also kids can contact the teacher through the laptop.

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This is especially good if a student is shy or if they think its a dumb question. They can just chat to the teacher and no-one will ever hear a word or know about it besides the student and the teacher. This would also help because talking can be distractive, but if everyone is typing then it will be just another background noise.For exsample in my communication technology class I would rather people type the question to the teacher instead of calling the teacher over and asking aloud. Students will always have access to the internet and reference sites.

So students who don’t have access to the internet, now will. They can work on school projects anywhere such as school, the park, their house, ect… and this will be especially convienient because they can work as they are traveling.

They will also always have access to reference sites such as Google.com, ask.com, which are search engines, and also to onelook.com, which is an on line dictionary.

Plus lots of other sites. With wireless internet laptops, students would also be able to look at pictures and videos on the web. This would help, especially those who don’t understand, because they could watch videos and see what the actual things look like. For exsample if you are studing Myan artifacts than you could look them up on Google Images. Granted, this could cause many problems.

However, there are ways around the problems. While some people may wander to other, and possibly inappropriate sites, there are ways to prevent this. You could monitor the sites they are on or even block sites. And yes, the laptop may distract them, but you could have them either close or turn off the monitor. And while some people might argue students would lose or damage the laptop, you could make them responsible for any damage caused by them. And while laptops are expensive to buy and operate, it would save in other areas, such as the cost of paper and pencils.

Printing could also be a problem. Through a wireless connection though you could connect them all to one printer. So as you can see the benefits of every student having their own wireless internet laptop out weighs the cons.