RIM’s wireless Technology

During the growth of the wireless network development to the Blackberry, RIM faced challenges such as: Legitimacy of firm and technology, Implications of technology standards, Network effects and complementary goods, and Partners and social capital as resources.

For example In 1990, RIM launched software that allowed users to send data on a wireless network and it failed to create business because it was ahead of its time for market. However In 1991, an undeterred RIM’s wireless Technology for modems was licensed by Ericson of $250,000.

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What were some of the industry factors that influenced RIM? RIM helped build wireless solutions that helped organizations reduce “Information Squandering” as well as balance technology with Information. Their technology in modems and cell phones helped contribute to and space the discussion of information worker productivity. RIM helped support the evolution of the role of CICS (Chief Information Officers). There were many different Industry factors that influenced RIM these are the ones I can list.

Apply as many Tacos as you can to the RIM?

Given RIM’s situations it has been in over time, it has been able to understand the different types and patterns of innovation. The success of the Blackberry should be evidence that RIM’s innovative thinking is important to business. All RIM did with the original Blackberry add a new functionality to the two way pager that allowed it to give and receive e-mail which made it the first .