Interventions Case Study

Sometimes may vanish after a while even without seeking medical treatment because the body has a way of propagating its own healing and this Is Intricate physiological mechanism. Thus plan may be generally classified Into two mall group based on the duration It takes for the pain to disappear. Pain can be acute if it takes few days up to three months to vanish and the chronic pain persists for duration of three to six months or even a longer duration (Houseboy SEES, Perpetual J, Rotterdam R, Kemp O, 2009). Chronic pain is much severe and makes a person experience discomfort interfering with the daily activities of a person.

It can also Instill psychological stress to a person.

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Therefore, apart from using drugs to treat chronic pain, various health care providers play a big role to ensure the patient life is better. Such health care providers may include the physiotherapists, occupation therapist, clinical psychologists among other health worker who team up to support patient experiencing severe pain. Scientists have carried out various research studies on pain and have emphasized the importance of taking pain seriously by both the health care community and the Individual experiencing.

If left untreated, the chronic pain can result to death thus It Is accessory to nave proper Lagoons Ana effectively manage ten plan . Control Dacca pain may require rehabilitation in which exercise is among the therapies offered however this pain can be too much that even the patient is unable to exercise triggering psychological distress.

In the book called Crisis Intervention Case Book, the author has dwelt with health crisis in the chapter 9. This is in an attempt to provide knowledge and insight to student in health related field.

The author has provided various cases in an attempt to make the reader think critically about the crisis presented and the type of intervention approach. A crisis than involves the back pain is given where a man named Antonio has suffered the back pain for a period around four months. This pain has interfered with his daily activities and he feels hopeless about the situation (Laurite S, ASCII G, Sensation F, Engagement G, Barbour P, Brunette P, 1996).

They are various factors that can result to severe back pain, some factor can be intensified and other factors may not be identifiable.

Identifiable factors can be degenerative disorders such as arthritis which mainly affect major joints in the body. Osteoporosis which mainly affects the bones, decreasing bone onsite can also lead to chronic back pain. Other infections such viral infections can also lead to chronic back pain (Bishop PM, 1950). Other lifestyle disorders such as diabetes and obesity have been reported to be associated with chronic back pain.

Similarly, enumerator conditions also make an individual to become prone to chronic back pain.

In this case, pain is more of a symptom of the identified medical condition. Thus the doctor focuses on the disorder treatment and also the means to eliminate the pain. Non-identifiable conditions that may cause the chronic back pain may pose challenge to the health provider and the patient. Hence proper investigation on the cause of the back pain should be done (Houseboy SEES, Perpetual J, Rotterdam R, Kemp O, 2009). They are various diagnostic tests that can be carried out to find out the origin of pain.

Techniques include the x-ray imaging which uses radiation beams to look for presence of broken bones or even the injury in the vertebra. The images of the region that pain arises normally indicate the presence of any abnormality. Other procedures such as computer tomography (CT) scan, Magnetic resonance imaging MR.) and electromyography (MEG) can be carried out to determine the cause. The doctor takes the medical history of the patient since the onset of the pain, the site of the pain and even the severity.

Family history is also necessary especially when the primary disorder cannot be identified.

This can reveal if the condition is genetic whereby other members of the family have also experienced chronic back pain (Anemia ELK, Chance Turner ML, 2006). Treatment measures are undertaken depending on the diagnosis made. Analgesic drugs are used to reduce the pain a commonly used drug is aspirin. Narcotic drugs and steroid drugs can be administered to the site of pain in a treatment method known as intervention therapy.

Intervention therapy involves use of very thin needle like syringes to pass the drug to for example a Joint, tissue or nerve end where the pain arise.

Catheters can be used to deliver drug to the site for instance direct to the spinal cord. None invasive treatment option such as us of ultrasound can be used. The sound waves are passed to the damaged tissue to induce relaxation of the affected tissue. Surgical procedure can be carried out such as dissectors in which the doctor removes erasure from the nerve end especially if there is a bulging.

For a monotony is another procedure Tanat can De Carlen out, ten surgeon decongest ten space Insane the bone commonly referred as foremen in order to create enough space for the nerve the passes inside.

Rhizome procedure that entails cutting the nerve in order to block transmission of nerve impulses to the central nervous system can be carried out. By destroying the pain neurons the impulses cannot be passed to the brain of the patient. The procedure is done in patients with severe chronic back pain. Individual- centered care management is necessary to bring about healing.

The patient is required to rest completely while being guided on appropriate exercises by the occupation therapist.

It is good for the patient to have the positive attitude as these speeds the healing process. Emotional support from family and friends can lead to the quick recovery of the patient. In conclusion, chronic back pain is a serious disease that may culminate to termination of one’s life unexpectedly. It’s one of the lifestyle diseases that should be addressed with serious concerns.

People should always take care of the kind of activities they engage in, in order to prevent any kind f chronic disease that may be caused by the kind of lifestyle we choose to live.