Introduction of New Communication Media

Part 1 In Day 1 October 10th, 2011, communication to each other using the software was not on a high note since some configuration problems have arisen. There are also difficulties in teaching the staff on how to set-up and start using the new communication method. The access point is not within range to other members but good for the start.

Day 2 October 11th 2011, people are starting to enjoy the use of the new communication method but a few are having difficulties especially in uploading files. But most find talking through the software better than uploading or exchanging. Chatting is on the increase and everyone feels really free to communicate with anybody at any time so long as they are in the office. Day 3, October 12th 2011 is really good and communication has picked up and every one is now enjoying and communication is mainly through the new found cheaper and efficient method. The members of the management are using it to communicate amongst themselves and also to the juniors.

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Only one or two of the clients still have problems but anyway, things are moving really well. Day 4, October 13th, 2011 everything is perfect and everybody is in terms and can do just anything everybody can do. Exchanging of Word documents, submission of reports to the managers, verbal communication via the internet is not a problem. Conversations can be put for future reference. It is really great as it limits movements from and to with offices of the same or different organization.

Part II The following experiment was geared towards finding the effect of change in communication media to the normal running of the organization. It was carried out within the organization which is in the rural areas where access to the normal communication lines is limited and technology and financial resources scarce to support putting up of a connected computer systems via UTP CAT 5 CABLES. The testng ran for period of four days and observations made depending on the outcome. The communication method chosen here can take any dimension and can be one to one, one to many, many to many, many to one since they clients communicating need only to exchange their respective email addresses and communication can run for as long as they wish. The equipment needed were computer systems with a windows xp operating system, Google talk software, Bluetooth dongle, a source of power to support notebook computers even solar panel system can be appropriate, an access point like a good Nokia Bluetooth enabled phone and some knowledge on how Bluetooth works. Depending on the proximity of the communicating parties, each partner who was not in range of about 40m needed a Bluetooth and a GPRS enabled phone. It was intended to substitute the normal face to face communication which requires one’s own physical presence to be complete. But this new one will not require one to see the other communication partner for it to be complete. Set up. Install the computers with a Windows XP Operating System that can easily be found from the local software stores.

Install each of the notebook computers with the Googletalk software. You can download it from the internet free of charge.Install the Bluetooth enabled phone to the computers Configure it to enable Dial Up Networking. Make sure the phone can also support Pesonal Area Networks. Test to see if each of the notebook computers can access the internet without any problem once connected.

Run the application Googletalk. Using the ordinary browser software, make sure each client or communication partner or client opens a new or has an existing email account.. Enter the Login ID annd Password details on the Google talk software once it starts running then login to your accounts Each of the communicating partners/ clients will need to exchange email accunt names with each other. All the clients login and be online at the same time.

Then they will be able to “see” each other and can talk, chat and even exchange files freely. They can also be able to send links to interesting Web-pages that touch on matters of politics, religion and even share on various health matters at a very low cost. At the start of the experiment, it was really hectic to get everything in place as it involved a lot of logistics of purchasing the Bluetooth dongles, installing software on each computer and training those involved on the use of this new method. But as days went by, things improved and by the third day, things had started to move smoothly as everybody was able to use this new methods reliably. On the fourth day, everthing was great and that management were already making a decision to have it official method of communication in the organization.The communication really improved the relationships between the work colleagues and people shared past experiences freely and even had more time for other to discuss more important things than before.

It was a great improvement compared to the previous face to face communication. From the experiment, I have realized that communication media plays a very big role in improving the communication and relationship. When the right communication media is chosen, a lot can be done within a short time and things which would not have been communicated through one method are able to be communicated by another. In life people may fail to achieve what they intended to achieve within a certain period because of the communication media they are using is not the appropriate one. It is only if they realize this before it is too late and come up with a lasting solution that they can achieve their set dreams on time.