Advertising and Media Communication

Advertising can be described as a method of communication that is persuasive in nature to an audience of the communicator. The main intention of advertising is for the people who have been persuaded to act and purchase or respond to the goods and services that were being advertised to them (Petley, 2004). It works in changing the consumer behavior with the intention of pushing a certain commercial offering, but there are also advert that are put in order to push a certain political ideology and also in pushing other ideologies such as religious sectarian and other ideologies. In this form of communication adverts are purchased by certain sponsors and they can purchase from the traditional media that include the mass and print media and include radio, television, magazines and also other advertisements (Silver, 2009). There is the new media that has come up recently, this include the social networking such as Facebook, Twitter, myspace and others there is also the use of text messages and also websites. Advertisements and media communications work in generation of consumption of product and thus companies spend a lot of resources on advertisement. Every organization that needs to succeed must give a lot of priority to advertisement and other forms of media communication thus a huge part of their budgets are geared towards this (Wright, 2000). In 2010, the estimated spending by companies and other agencies interested in advertising was in the united Sates was over $300 billion and for the rest of the world it was over $500 billion.

This shows that this is a huge industry with even a bigger potential of growth (Jacobs, 2011). The advertising and media communication industry is a huge industry that has employed thousands of people. Every day the industry is growing especially with increased completion in businesses. There is also a continued need for creativity as the industry keeps changing every day.

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