Media Advertising

News and advertisements have for a long time been a source of information for human beings. This information is normally delivered via media to the intended customers. The media delivered news has continued to be delivered via advertising; the only thing that changes with time is the mode of advertising. There are two types of advertising, namely the traditional and the online. The traditional methods of advertising include the printing, broadcasting, and the digital era.

In these traditional forms of advertising, people used ink, newspapers, printed images in a newspapers or a magazine. The newspaper would later be reproduced and distributed. The broadcasting era advertisement entailed the application of both the visual and the audio pieces of information on a piece of media advertisement; this information was delivered either through a television or a radio. The signals of the radios and television were transmitted via cables. The digital era advertisement involved the transmitting of electrical information through the cable and the satellite. It is vital to note that these traditional forms of advertising are not that old due to the fact that the first website to run was in the year 1991.

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Contrary to this, the first newspaper was printed in 1700, and the first radio went on air in 1897. There exists a very big difference between the above traditional forms of advertising and the current online advertising forms (Helen, 2010). The online advertisement is different from the traditional due to the fact that the readers are able to acquire the news online in various websites on the internet. This does not require materials such as the paper, ink, and labor, and for this reason, it is less expensive and more preferable in the changing generation. One of the basic differences between the traditional and the online forms of advertising is the presence of services such as the online customer care services that are not present in the traditional forms. Second, it is possible to change a piece of information that is in the internet any time even after it has been posted.

In contrast, speaking about the traditional forms such as the newspapers and magazines, once the intended information has been printed, it is very hard to change it. However, the traditional forms are solid and for that reason the reader can keep the material for future reference unlike the online advertisement whereby the website cannot log in or the information gets removed from the website (Moriarty,, 2011).