Creative Advertising Campaigns

Creative advertising campaigns are the foundation of the profits of Geico, a car insurance company. The company has adopted unconventional marketing to sell its products to the market. The company runs ads that are funny on the media, and that does not compromise on cost savings and ease the use of their products. The company deviates from traditional advertising that focuses on providing information to consumers and focuses on campaigns that have a good appeal given that the company deals with services that consumers find difficult to compare with physical goods (Lewis & Tompkins 2012). Advertisements that run on television for several times are likely to attract less attention as people get bored of viewing the same ad repeatedly. Creative advertising ideas always attract our minds, and we are tempted to look at it and even listen to the message it delivers.

Designers must be creative in order to convey the intended message to the audiences (Graphic Mania 2012). Billboards are so ambiguous that few people, if any, notice them. Therefore, creativity is inevitable in billboard advertising today. Advertisers are now using eye catching and imagery to grab public attention. They are even designing billboards in a way that they look edible to viewer.

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Advertising agencies think outside the box in order to interact with the outside world. There must be innovation and creativity in every successful advertisement. Cartoons are a fantastic way to advertise as they provide a human touch especially on products targeting the young people. Cartoons grab the viewers’ attention and get them engaged in the content, especially if they are around frustrations that the customers encounter.Creativity in advertisements is inevitable.

Effective, creative advertisements are using business basics such as development of strategies. Successful advertisers target a market segment carefully, after conducting a marketing research; they analyze competition within a market, position of their product and service in the market place, and then they create a budget for advertising. They also monitor the progress of their advertisements in the market place and measure it against set standards. Advertisement creativity should not focus on the creative department alone, but rather should be a cross-functional affair across an organization as well as it should appear interactively for the outside world. Advertisements should be proactive and provoke the intended audience to think critically about the message conveyed. Advertisements of all nature are too succeed if they are customer oriented (Akingbolu 2012).

Local practitioners have a role to play in the field of improving creativity in the advertisement sector. Extensive training should be held through institutions of learning, media and other channels to boost the level of creativity. Most ads that we consider being creative may not attract global attention due to different expectations among other nations.Practitioners need to extend and encourage extensive investments in research to identify and determine what consumers refer to as creative advertisement. There is a need to invest more in creative ads as they have far-reaching implications even in winning of international awards.

This, further, markets our advertisement business environment. Today, in most advertisements there is a decline and a recession in the kind of promotion that business environment is delivering further, declining the creativity and originality of our ads. This means there is less marketing as far as ads creativity is concerned, and thus the need to increase and invest more of the company’s time and resources arises. Creative directors should have enough exposure and structure ads that are presented for people with cultural and social differences.