Samsung Media Strategy

Samsung has spent a lot of expenditure to advertising expenses. For example, according to Samsung Company (2011) annual report, they spent around 56,000,000 in million U. S. Dollars, 2010 and 2011. They strong promote their brand name and product from many kind of advertising effect such as television, outdoor, internet, magazine, and newspaper.

Television Television media advertising is one of the powerful media strategies in business marketing. It has high frequency potential, high intrusion value and high reach to customers.

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Also, spreading effect is high; it meaner that the television channel showing all over the world at the same time. Samsung products mostly has short period lifetime it meaner that in a short time products will be replaced and launched new product. So, this television advertising is quite powerful a punch and suitable. However, television advertising needs quite a lot of cost per advertisements.

Moreover, sometimes customers are exposed by continuous commercial, they would not recognize anymore or might try to change channel surfing while commercials. Outdoor Samsung has tried to put outdoor campaign in high frequency on major commute routes.

For example, in Time Square in New York City, one of the busiest places in the city is posted Samsung advertising. Samsung prefer to use the outdoor campaign because it has low cost per impression, large and spectacular advertisement possible, and they can choose key geographic areas. For instance, when Apple launched phone and put advertisement in streets outdoor, Samsung put outdoor advertisement of Galaxy note and Galaxy 3 beside Apple’s ads.

It can be competing effect as well. However, sometime outdoor can be legal limitations, brief message, and short exposure time.

So, customers easily forget the advertisements. Internet Recently, internet advertisement of media selection is being importance issue. A lot of people are using internet service, and it has high potential to attract customers. When Samsung put advertisement about Galaxy note in internet, indeed they can easily measure how many people response their DVD.

Moreover, they try to connect with social media such as Twitter and Backbone, they shows creative possibilities. On the other hands, internet advertising has limit to reach only computer user, so it can be weak point comparing to other advertising.

Magazines Samsung uses full page advertisement about their products to show in popular business magazines. This is suitable attract specific customer base such as business magazines for salary man, a woman magazines, and adolescents magazines. It has high market segmentation, high quality of color and paper, long life, but magazine advertising has long appeared time advertisement, higher clutter, and high cost.

Newspapers Similar as television advertising, effect of newspapers is enormous. So, when Samsung launches new product like galaxy note, they carry an ad in the paper.

Newspaper has some advantages such as high credibility, strong audience paper and color is poor, so it is quite difficult to express their product’s appearance. Moreover, normally, young people which are under 25 years old never interest about newspaper. So it has limited audience. Then which media selection is the most suitable advertising to Samsung? Currently, television of media selection is the most suitable advertising among other kind of elections, because, although advertising is high cost and short time exposure to people, but it has the largest potential customer compare to other.

Also Samsung can attract diversity audience segmentation. Figure 1 : Ads on mobile devices are the least trusted by consumers Source: http:// thatched. Com/intrigued/news/ads-on-mobile-devices-are-the-least-trusted-by- consumers-Nielsen/22703/ According to thatched (2013), advertising on television were trusted by 47% of customers, on the other hands radio and online advertisements is still lower than other traditional advertisements (figure 1). Samsung put television advertising many kind of TV channel. And they are reportedly attracting many TV viewers.