Introduction to Marketing

With that being said, these two items, reputation and product laity were the key points in Soda’s marketing strategy. Their overall marketing strategy, in my opinion was brilliant; they would concentrate all of their energies on one target market group-those individuals who considered the product worthless and “rejected” the idea of ever owning one of these cars. The next step would be to find those individuals whose reputation was such that they would be able to influence others on the quality of the product. The marketing department for Soda developed a plan that would use humor as a way to increase awareness of their product.

This was the marketer’s ploy to get hold of the consumer’s attention ND get them talking about their product. Similar strategies were extremely successful for the restaurant Wendy with their “where’s the beef” slogan and R. J. Reynolds use of the grammatically incorrect slogan for Winston cigarettes “Winston taste good, like a cigarette should”. These slogans would grab the consumer’s attention and stick in their mind and when they were out and about they would recognize these products.

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Soda was trying to do the same thing when they were making fun of their product’s reputation in their advertisements.

It increased the awareness of the product and people would recognize the car when they would see it urine their daily activities. This was the first step and it was successful as consumers began to recognize the different models of Soda. However, it did not change the product’s reputation for poor quality which would need to be tackled separately. The plan that was developed for this phase was to use well know and respected Journalists who would be given a Soda to drive in order to prove the quality of the product.

Additionally, the same Journalists were given documentation on the history to the Soda automobile and now in times past it was even regarded as a luxury vehicle in the sass’s and sass’s.

This proved extremely effective for Soda as the awareness and curiosity for the product increased immensely. By using individuals who could influence other consumers and even other Journalists, the Marketing Division at Soda was able to take full advantage of the additional public relations that was generated concerning their product.

The above marketing plan Nortek extremely well for the Soda organization, because unlike their competitors, the available funds for advertisement were significantly less and by concentrating on specific areas of marketing the organization was able to increase the impact of each phase. It worked well for the manufacturers of Soda; however, I would have set aside a percentage of the marketing budget for sponsorship in order to have reached an even larger audience.

By sponsoring major events, the organization could have become well known in a much more accelerated period of time. Although, Soda’s direct mailings and television commercials were extremely successful in reaching many potential customers which in turned increased product recognition.

The marketing division for Soda was ingenious in their campaign to reintroduce their automobile. By centering their marketing strategy on the promotion and quality of he product they were able to take a small budget and realize enormous returns.