Introductory Paragraph on Contrasting the Roman and Han Empires

From 202 BCE to 220 CE , the Han Dynasty was established in China, meanwhile in 27 BCE along the Mediterranean the Roman Empire was flourishing. In China the Han Dynasty had spread over 6 million kilometers and became extremely powerful throughout Asia. At its height, the Roman Empire reached about the same size as the Han dynasty. Both of these empires fell after roughly 400 years.The Roman and Han Empires had many similarities along with differences.

The Roman and Han Empires both had several technological advances such as hydraulic engineering, Romans used aqueducts and the Chinese created canals used for transportation, and both empires’ knowledge in agriculture lead to a steady food source resulting in a large growth of population. In 476, the Roman Empire fell and was never rebuilt, on the other hand, the Han dynasty was rebuilt by the Qin dynasty continuing Chinese rule throughout Asia.

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