Intuit Case Study

Could anything go wrong for Intuit now that it has beaten out Microsoft? Why or why not? Something could have still go wrong for Intuit even If they have beaten out Microsoft. This is because even if Microsoft have discontinued their money product. Other companies might try to develop new products similar to Quicken. Penthouse Quicken has gotten its fame and many consumers are using it as well, If there are much better choice and software for the consumers, they might waiver their decision f Quickens performance Is dropping.

In order to make sure Quicken stays alive, Intuit has to continue Improving Its product by continue researching about what consumer wants and prefer.

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3. How should Intuit gauge the results of Its research among younger consumers with mobile devices? Intuit can measure the results of their younger consumers by measuring the time usage each consumer use for the application. The longer the consumer use their application, the more likely consumer loves their product and will continue using It.