Iocl Organisation Study

Table of Contents Introduction3 Overview3 Geographic Coverage3 Technology Solutions4 Customer Focus4 Expansion and Diversification4 International Expansion4 Business Environment and Competition5 Industry Background and Market Structure6 SWOT Analysis of IOCL8 PEST Analysis of IOCL9 Vision and Mission10 Vision10 Mission12 Work Culture12 Organizational Structure and Leadership13 Hierarchical Structure13 Leadership13 UP Operations13 Supply & Demand Management14 Distribution Network14 Knowledge Management14 Training14 People and Processes15

Employee Profile15 Employee Benefit Schemes15 Career Growth Opportunities16 Appraisal16 Awards16 Entrepreneurial Culture17 Welfare of Employees17 Trade Unions17 Celebrations18 Research and Development18 Optimization, Planning and Demand Management18 Quality Management19 Quality Management System19 Quality Assurance19 Product Quality Improvement20 Safety & Occupational Health20 Safety20 Occupational Health21 Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)21 IOCL’s Green Agenda21 Green Initiatives22 Corporate Social Responsibility23 Conclusion25

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Introduction Overview IOCL is a government? owned company with stake of over 80% operating in the downstream oil and gas segment, celebrating its Golden Jubilee in 2009. It accounts for 48% of petroleum products sold in the country and 34% of petroleum products produced. It owns and operates a number of crude and product pipelines in the country.

It is India’s largest commercial enterprise, with a sales turnover of Rs. 2, 85,337 crore – the highest-ever for an Indian company – and a net profit of Rs. 2, 950 crore for the year 2008-09.

IndianOil is also the highest ranked Indian company in the prestigious Fortune ‘Global 500’ listing, having moved up 11 places to the 105th position in 2009. IOCL and its subsidiaries account for approximately 48% petroleum products market share, 34% national refining capacity and 71% downstream sector pipelines capacity in India. For the year 2008-09, the IOCL group sold 62.

6 million tonnes of petroleum products, including 1. 7 million tonnes of natural gas, and exported 3. 64 million tonnes of petroleum products.

The IOCL Group of companies owns and operates 10 of India’s 20 refineries with a combined refining capacity of 60. 2 million metric tonnes per annum (MMTPA, .

i. e. 1. 2 million barrels per day). These include two refineries of subsidiary Chennai Petroleum Corporation Ltd. The Corporation’s cross-country network of crude oil and product pipelines, spanning over 10,000 km and the largest in the country, meets the vital energy needs of the consumers in an efficient, economical and environment-friendly manner.

IOCL is investing Rs. 3,400 crore (US $10. 8 billion) during the period 2007-12 in augmentation of refining and pipeline capacities, expansion of marketing infrastructure and product quality upgradation as well as in integration and diversification projects. Geographic Coverage IOCL reaches precious petroleum products to millions of people every day through a countrywide network of about 35,000 sales points. They are backed for supplies by 167 bulk storage terminals and depots, 101 aviation fuel stations and 89 Indane (LPGas) bottling plants.

About 7,335 bulk consumer pumps are also in operation for the convenience of large consumers, ensuring products and inventory at their doorstep. It operates the largest and the widest network of petrol ; diesel stations in the country, numbering over 18,278. It reaches Indane cooking gas to the doorsteps of over 53 million households in nearly 2,700 markets through a network of about 5,000 Indane distributors. IOCL’s ISO-9002 certified Aviation Service commands over 63% market share in aviation fuel business, meeting the fuel needs of domestic and international flag carriers, private airlines and the Indian Defence Services.

The Corporation also enjoys a dominant share of the bulk consumer business, including that of railways, state transport undertakings, and industrial, agricultural and marine sectors.

Technology Solutions IOCL’s world-class R;D Centre is perhaps Asia’s finest. Besides pioneering work in lubricants formulation, refinery processes, pipeline transportation and alternative fuels, the Centre is also the nodal agency of the Indian hydrocarbon sector for ushering in Hydrogen fuel economy in the country. It has set up a commercial Hydrogen-CNG station at an IOCL retail outlet in New Delhi this year.

The Centre holds 214 active patents, including 113 international patents. IOCL has joined the league of global technology providers last year with the selection of its in-house developed INDMAX technology (for maximising LPGas yield) for the 4 MMTPA Fluidised Catalytic Cracking (FCC) unit at the Corporation’s upcoming 15 MMTPA grass roots refinery at Paradip in Orissa, as well as for the FCC unit coming up at BRPL.

A wholly-owned subsidiary, IOCL Technologies Ltd. , is engaged in commercialising the innovations and technologies developed by IOCL’s R;D Centre.

Customer Focus At IOCL, customers always get the first priority. New initiatives are launched round-the-year for the convenience of the various customer segments. Exclusive XTRACARE petrol ; diesel stations unveiled in select urban and semi-urban markets offer a range of value-added services to enhance customer delight and loyalty.

Large format Swagat brand outlets cater to highway motorists, with multiple facilities such as food courts, first aid, rest rooms and dormitories, spare parts shops, etc.