Is Ethnic Cleansing Ever Justifiable?

Even though the world might be at peace right now, many wars and bloodshed are still occurring and those bloodsheds are not just between countries, but between people and its own government as well.

The government kills its own people just because their religions are different or that they don’t get along well. Of course, there is no acceptable reason for killing innocent people and calling it “ethnic cleansing”. Human slaughter or so called ethnic cleansing should not be practiced or enforced by any government, organization, or people. It is a genuine evil human act against their fellow human beings. In the Nuba Mountains of Sudan, there is a conflict between the people in the Nuba Mountains and the president of Sudan.

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They don’t share the same beliefs and just don’t get along at all. So, the president, or the government rather, has been bombing the villages in the Nuba Mountains as well as hospitals there and even schools. These acts are definitely human slaughter and if people see the struggles the people in the Nuba Mountains face and see their condition, human slaughter is never acceptable. Schools have children, children who aren’t involved at all in the politics. Their parents might be, but not them. Just because there are some disagreements between their parents and the government, that doesn’t mean the children has to pay for it.

They’re young;They have a future. They have a dream. But it’s all crushed when the bomb hits their school;They either die or get injured really badly. Children are the most innocent beings in the earth, and they are the future to a country. However, due to the bombing, their future is crushed. Would anyone on this earth want their children to end up like this? Would anyone on this earth want their children to live in hiding and in fear for the next bombing? People shouldn’t witness death at such an early age.

Also, there’s hospitals. Since the government is blocking the food and the medicine out of the Nuba Mountains and bombing the hospitals, there’s no place for the people to go when they get injured by the bomb. It’s bad enough for the people already when they get bombed out of nowhere; It’s even worse when they can’t get treated on the injuries. An American doctor has been there for quite a long time by now and he’s the only doctor the villagers’ got. This doctor is also the only person who can treat the casualties and the dead after the bombing. So, his small hospital is flooded with people and people with a heart would all agree that the injuries are horrible and cannot be describable.

Nothing can describe the horrible injuries and deaths of those innocent people and as hospitals are getting bombed too, these people surely don’t have any place to go but to die. An injury that might be fatal can be treated and a person’s life can be saved when that person goes to a hospital. However, when untreated, the person is left to die in agony. Then, there’s killing. Government may declare that those killings are for good cause and it’s just “ethnic cleansing”.

However, other countries and people know better. The government that’s doing this to its own people also know it in the deepest of their hearts. What the government is doing isn’t “cleansing”. It’s killing and it’s murder. Whatever the reason, murdering people must not happen. It’s still horrible if someone killed a criminal.

But it’s worse when killing innocent people without anything against them. Those people in the Nuba Mountains, they didn’t do anything wrong but get killed anyway just because the president doesn’t like them. What kind of reason is that? “Cleansing” or murder, it doesn’t matter. It’s unacceptable and that’s final. If anyone suffer from it, is ethnic cleansing justifiable? Murder is never justifiable and even though there might be a seemingly reasonable and logical reason.

Therefore, no one shall declare a mass murder shall be practiced or enforced in any shape or form and would never end up as justifiable in this world.