Is Homeschooling Effective?

Many students each and every day are pushing through the day at school wishing they could understand clearly. They feel that they aren’t being taught in a way that suits them and that they are being left in the dust to figure it out for themselves. This is because the learning styles they are comfortable with, aren’t propounded at the school they are attending.

Homeschooling however can be fit for the specific child and is in fact an effective way of educating students. Numerous times, public schools aren’t offering the precise education and learning styles which is essential to some students. From New York Magazine, Lisa Miller writes: “With federal and state education policy placing ever-greater emphasis on core standards and standardized tests, many parents want to give their kids something more creative, flexible, and engaging than a school day they see as factory-made.” (“Homeschooling, City-Style.”) This quote shows us that by homeschooling children, there is time for new interests within the child and it can get them ready for learning time. Also by taking students out of a public school it’s as if they are getting taken out of a box of crayons that only has one color inside.

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Homeschooling allows students to be their own color, unique. Homeschoolers are not only privileged with flexible learning styles, but their families are able to continue their overloaded schedules. Homeschooling mother Bethany Gardiner, says, “There is still work to be done and lessons to be learned, but they can be fit in whenever it is best for you and your children. Learning can be extended effortlessly into all aspects of life from errands to vacations.” (“My View: Why I Chose Home Schooling”) This segment of the article is stating that families with home schooled students are able to fit in different trips and still learn in the best time and way for the specific student.

Finally the academic achievements of home schooled pupils are larger in comparison to public schooled learners. A study done by Dr. Brian Ray, who has a Ph.D. in science education from Oregon State, an M.

S. In zoology from Ohio university and a B.S. In biology from the University of Puget Sound, produced these results, “Studies have consistently shown that homeschooled students score 15-30 points above national average. Whether or not the parents had teacher credentials and whether or not the budget was above or below $600.” (“Want To Tell) This displays that homeschooled students have greater academic achievements even if the circumstances were not in their favor.

Many people have argued that homeschooling is only effective when the parent has an education in teaching, however Dr. Brian Rays study results clearly disproves this point of view. The results reveal that not only does the education have a little effect on the homeschooling education, but also budget and household income did not affect the education of the students greatly. (“HSLDA: New Nationwide) Also, oppositions of the claim that homeschooling is effective argue that homeschooled students do not have as frequent chances for collaboration. However a quote from PBS.

org states “socialization is not a problem for the vast majority of homeschool students, many of whom are involved in community sports, volunteer activities, book groups or homeschool co-ops. Research shows that in terms of self-concept, self-esteem and the ability to get along in groups, homeschoolers do just as well as their public school peers.” (“Eat Smart for a Great Start Newsletter”) Overall This data has clearly proven that homeschooling is an effective way of education for students. Homeschooling allows students to learn the way that works best for them, it allows families to have busy schedules and homeschooled students have overall greater academic achievement. Imagine having to learn everything by yourself because you teacher wasn’t guiding you towards success.

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