Is It Wrong to Hug?

We’ve all had those moments when we’ve run to our parents and hugged them at the end of school when they show up to pick us up or when we run to a classmate for a consoling hug after something bad happening.

Well, schools have banned that in many cases. Hugging. Who would think that our society would deem hugging offensive? Something people do all the time, is now so inappropriate that they’d have to ban it. In a recent poll, the Today Show posed the question as to wether or not it was alright to hug and hold hands in schools. Of the 5,215 people who responded, 84 percent said banning hugs and hand holding is ‘ridiculous and a waste of time’. The remaining survey respondents disagreed, saying public displays of affection are ‘inappropriate at school’.

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(Hugs and High Fives Banned In Schools, 2007) Don’t schools have better things to worry about then a quick hug or classmates holding hands as the walk through the halls? School officials have far more important things to worry about, they try and argue that you, “block up the hallway” but how is that possible when the average hug lasts three seconds? So the hall manages to have a “traffic jam” in a matter of three seconds? “Would you want your children to be hugging or kissing at school without your knowledge?” asks David Hadly, the principle of fossil hills middle school in north Texas town of Keller. (The Hug. 2007) it’s an argument that some parents agree with and support however, “I’m trying to understand what’s wrong with a hug?” (Hugging isn’t a crime!, jellybean123) Says the mother of cazz altamore who obtained two detentions for the crime of hugging. Now, if you’re still questioning and wavering on your standing between supporting or facing the appeal of these bans, ask yourself. “Why are we allowed to hug our children and others in public without being intervened by authorities? So why should our children be punished for it as well?”