Is Mountain Climbing Worth the Risk?

Climbing Mountains will never be safe or accomplishing. For example Lobsang a famous climber had died from Altitude sickness were you can’t feel your brain. Where is Everest anyway? Everest is a Mountain in the Himalayas between Nepal and Tibet. It is 29.

028 feet high to reach the top and still growing a little each year. Everest is also the tallest Mountain in the world and which Sherpa’s who live close to Everest say it’s the “Mother of God”. For other people they have their opinions and say it’s a great experience and beautiful. But for me there are just injuries and deaths from Avalanches that will come at you very fast, Altitude Sickness that messes with your brain, snow conditions that will freeze you up, and the Hillary step the hardest part to reach the Summit. For example let’s say you and your team climbed Everest and a person on the team dies if not even you, it will feel very bad and in a bad feeling. If you don’t think so you have been with them for the time you guys made it to.

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Plus it won’t ever be a safe place to just go and think you’re going to climb it all the way, you have to go through disasters and bad things that happens once you’re going higher if you make it. The Lhotse face is also a dangerous part of Everest which half of the climbers die on. So basically a lot of endurance, training and techniques will be needed when you’re not sure you’re coming back home. Strange thing is people who even attempt to climb Everest have to get a climbing License. Then that’s not all you have to get all your Mountaineering equipment to help you out but only for the beginning of your climb because it gets harder later on. Then there are dead bodies once you’re making routes and seeing bodies everywhere knowing that could be anyone who climbs it.

Everest is also getting trashed from all the parts around it and still is. Worst thing is that Nepal is already getting polluted. And also an Ice Age will happen and will affect us people who don’t even climb it so people should stop climbing Everest. Altitude sickness is one of the worst’s sicknesses that happen on Everest. It messes with your brain and will even kill you depending on what type of health you have.

An avalanche is very fast snow that comes very fast and kills you. Storms are also scary because they can just get you tired or injured. Maybe if you did make as far with your equipment and bottled oxygen ran out it will be very hard to breathe and will pretty much kill you. Also good communication is required because no one climbs alone and if someone messes up it messes the whole team up to. In me are past, the present, future and I will never attempt to climb Everest.

Like I said it’s pretty much a risk and putting your life on the line. Plus let’s say you do make it to the top then you well have to come back down and most people even die on the descent when you’re coming down. For me there shouldn’t be any protest or voting because the world would want Everest to shut down and allow nobody to climb it