The Dangers of Everest

Everest is like a stalker waiting for a chance to strike. Everest has dead body on area like the Lhotse face and the death zone, plus there are trash left behind by climbers. The climbers either die or get some body parts amputated. People say that Everest beautiful but in my opinion Everest is bad and when you climb you risk your and other people’s lives.

If someone on your team dies you may regret it for the rest of your life. Jon Krakauer from “Into Thin Air” says, on every bend of trail hiking to base camp, we encounter breathtaking beauty. However, they may seen breathtaking beauty but they themselves are being dehumanized on Everest, the highest mountain in the world. And when they say breath taking it sounds more like Everest is literally sucking the air out of them. Before you climb Everest you are human that helps others and are able think clearly.

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But later while climbing Everest the altitude dehumanizes you due to the altitude sickness. Everest has dangers such as the crevasse and areas like the icefall. But the effect of being dehumanizes can increase the chances of you getting killed by these dangers plus your sloppy movement can get your team killed. The crevasses are like monsters that are waiting to swallow you whole. Many climbers died in a horrible death by falling into the crevasse.

The icefall unlike the crevasse has many unpredictable dangers with probably some dead body. Other than the dangers, Everest has a large amount of trash left by climber. Many climbers had altitude sickness and it becomes more severe the higher you go. Altitude sickness also leads to being dehumanize. Many have died due to this effect.

Climbers believe they’ll climb Everest and come back alive. But that is not always true. They can get killed by frostbite, and in area such as the icefall, Lhotse Face, Death zone, and cracks like crevasse.