Online Dangers

I think that kids share too much information on social networks, they post too much on the internet, and this is why they need to be more aware of the dangers of using the internet.

My first example is how kids post bad pictures of themselves on Facebook, then lots of people can see it. Then lots of people can make fun of him or her, and that may lead to cyber bullying. Some may argue that they will never be cyber bullied, but they are wrong. If you post pictures that people do not like, then you are opening yourself up to cyber-bullying.

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When kids make fun of other people on social networks to be cool, also to make that kid up set and sometimes make them kill themselves. Some kids get in big trouble for cyber bullying. So young Americans today need to be smarter when posting pictures of themselves on social networks. The next thing they can do if they do get cyber-bullied is to report it. For example when I was gaming some people were being mean to me.

So I had to tell someone by reporting them on that game sight; report them for cheating, hacking, or boosting. It is important to stop individuals for what they were doing to you. My second example is when young Americans post too much information on networks and can get hacked or even have their identities stolen. For example my friends aunts credit card got stolen and then she got it back. A time I got hacked was when I was playing online on my xbox and a man sent me a message and if I would of opened the message he would of been able to get all of my personal items like wait i life my name and my age and all kind of other things so I am very glad i did not open it that is a time I almost got hacked. To know if it is a hack message look for blue letters in it and also look for a website on the message that means that it is hacked that is how to avoid getting hacked in online gaming.

My last example is when kids post something on facebook lots of weird people can see it then go to your profile and can get where you live and what your name is and what you do and what you are doing and then they can come kill you and they can rob your house when you are not home. That is why kids need to be more careful when they go online to go on facebook and when they are gaming al home you can always get heart no matter what you are doing even when at home when you think you are safe.