The Dangers of Pesticides

The Dangers of Pesticides People have always been trying to make things look perfect; that is how pesticides have become predominant in our society.

Whenever insects or other pests need to be controlled, pesticides is almost always the answer.Pesticides do have their problems though.Pesticides pose dangerous risks to people and to wildlife.We need to limit our use of these chemicals. Pesticides are everywhere When you eat a non-organic Apple, you are also eating thirty different pesticides!Farmers spray pesticides on their crops to kill insect pests and spread of disease.Pesticides are not only used in farms, but we use them in and outside our homes all the time.We use pesticides in pest controlto stop decks from rotting, in bleach, in some paints, to repel mosquitos, in swimming pools, and herbicides are used to kill weeds.Natural pesticides are also used in organic foods.Foods can be labeled organic if they do not contain synthetic pesticides.

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The Risks to People Numerous studies have linked pesticides to cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, ADHD, and birth defects.From 2000-2008 7,600 pesticide poisoning cases were reported in California along with 200 hospitalizations.Children are the most vulnerable to pesticides because they spend more time near the ground where pesticides are most often used.Our drinking water often becomes contaminated with pesticides, herbicides and other chemicals used on our lawns and farms. The Danger to Wildlife Pesticides are aimed at the “bad bugs” but kill more than just those.It is estimated that 6-14 million fish are killed per year by pesticides which amounts to $24 to $56 million being lost annualy.

Some studies have found that 96 percent of fish contained one or more pesticides at noticeable levels. About 67 million birds are killed every year with a loss of $2.1 billion due to pesticides.Pesticides are also causing pollinators like bees and butterflies to decline.Many of our food crops depend on pollinators.

Pesticides are the reason that many species are endangered. When we try to make things look perfect, we can also be doing great harm.Pesticides have become widely used in the world.Pesticides may be easy to use, but try to limit or completely stop using them if possible.Pesticides harm people and wildlife; and besides, do you really want to soak your yard with poisons?