Case Study on Effects of Pesticides

The Effects of Pesticides Case Study:

Pesticides are the chemical substances which are applied for the destruction of all sort of pest and protection of crops from the impact of microorganisms, insects, diseases and other threats.Pesticides are divided into several types, insecticides and herbicides are the most well known among them and they protect fields from insects and plants which prevent the regular growth of crops. It is natural, that the constant process of population growth makes the humanity produce more and more food all the time and this process is quite difficult, because agriculture faces many challenges in the form of various pests which reduce the quantity and the quality of the harvest.The only way out which was invented for the protection of crop was the creation of pesticides.The majority of pesticides have chemical and biological nature and their use in agriculture is most often controversial.

On the one hand pesticides save enormous quantity of vegetables, fruit and crops; on the other hand the quality of the harvest is questioned, because it influences the human health negatively. These substances destroy microorganisms and plants and obviously affects he human organism in the save way causing numerous problems and diseases. Moreover, pesticides pollute soil and underground water causing harm to the human and animal’s health. Pesticides kill not only target microorganisms and plants but nearly everything in the area of its activity, for example, small animals and birds are also destroyed by pesticides. Pesticides which are poured into the water kill fish and organisms living in lakes, rivers and seas being unable to resist the contamination of the water.The use of pesticides is quite a controversial problem nowadays, which can be described briefly as protection of vast amounts of crops with the cost of the human health and pollution.

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The student is able to persuade the reader in his point of view supporting the pluses or minuses of the issue analysing the case objectively and collecting convincing arguments. The student is able to find out the cause and effect of the use of pesticides and draw the right conclusions which would illustrate the whole picture objectively. One should do his best to solve the problem of the issue and reduce the negative impact of pesticides on the human health and environment.The process of writing is quite a difficult one, so the student will manage to complete a successful paper reading a free example case study on effects of pesticides written online for the student’s convenience. When the student is not confident in the correctness of his assignment, he will find the answer in a free sample case study on effects of pesticides in the Internet.