2 Everest Adeventures

It’s dangerous. “Whats dangerous you may be asking, well the answer is climbing Everest . In Peak by Roland Smith and High Exposere by David Breachers that’s exactly what they do . These books have many similarities and differences (like most books covering the same idea) . For example both these stories are about climbing Everest . In addition, High Exposere was made into a Imax movie and Peak wasn’t. As stated previously, High Exposere and Peak have many similarities , like : In both stories there was helicopter rescue. In Peak a German climber slipped when he was going outside and he hurt himself a helicopter then rescued him . In High Exdposere Beck and Makalu were frostbitten and had been declared dead , at camp II they both got a helicopter rescue. In both stories someone was trying to or did break a record. Peak – the protagonist of Peak- was trying at age 14 to be the youngest person to ever summit Everest , Areceli – from High Exposere – was the first Spanish woman to ever summit Everest.

Plus, in both stories a Puja ceremony was held. In Peak Zopa held a puja ceremony for the German climbers , in High Exposere they held a puja ceremony at base camp the second time they went up the mountain. You can now see that these two stories have many similarities. Like all stories with similarities Peak and High Exposere have some differences as well for example : The two stories are different genres . High Exposere is a nonfiction(true) and a documentary Imax film, Peak is a fiction(fake) adventure book.

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The protagonists and characters in the two stories climbed different sides of the mountain . In Peak they climbed the north side , in High Exposere they climbed the south side. The climbers in the stories were climbing at different legal levels . In Peak some climbers were climbing under forged papers( climbing illegally), in High Exposere everyone was climbing legally . Those are the differences between Peak and High Exposere . In both Peak and High Exposere while climbing Everest the protagonists learned a life lesson.

In Peak Peak learned to be selfless and what it meant to be just you and the mountain . Some people might say he learned how to be “one with the mountain”which could also mean he learned to be self reliant. In High Exposere they learned ” the stresses of high altitude” and how ” the mountain brings out your true personality” or you could say it brings out peoples true colors. They learned that “on Everest you no longer have the social graces to hide behind, to play roles .” You are what and who you are. The last few sentences of Peak went a like this ” The only thing you’ll find on the summit of Everest is a Devinne view.

The things that really matter lie far bellow” proving that Peak also learned about friendship and family. Peak or High Exposere ? Which one did I like better? Well i thought Peak was more interesting than High Exposere so i liked it better. Higof Eh Exposere really only talked about all the rescues they did and how 1996 was by far the worst year verest history when 8 people died. To me it was kinda boring , it for me at least didn’t have any sort of adventure like Peak did. I hope that by now you realize the following : climbing Everest is dangerous, Peak and High Exposere have similarities and differences, and that I am a pretty good writer.