Is The Pay Worth It?

Should bookstore prices be that high? Have you ever wondered were does the money of the bookstore go to? Students, including me, often think only about what benefits them. But sometimes, we have to dig deep to find the real value of things. There are a lot of things we don’t notice that make us who we are and how we act, for example helping other people. Just because you don’t know that you are doing it doesn’t mean you are not helping. When you ask someone about the bookstore, the first thing they will tell you is, “prices are too high!” We may think that the CNG bookstore is too expensive, and that all they want is our money. All they do is keep changing the prices of food, literally every month.

The inflation of the bookstore is too high! But sometimes, we have to see things from a different point of view. And no, I’m not saying that the prizes are low, or that they should be changed. All I’m trying to do here is show you what we sometimes complain about, even when there is no need to. Were does all the money go to? That is a not so complicated question, with a simple answer. The Hogar Nueva Granada.

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Those kids who basically don’t have anything and live in the poorest conditions we can imagine? Yes, that’s where the money goes. We may complain all we want about how expensive the food is, but we still buy it because we can and are privileged enough to do so. These kids? They don’t have half as much as we do. They could never be able to afford a 2,000 pesos arepa. But that doesn’t really matter because we can.

And by we doing that, we are helping people who need it. When we help kids like the Hogar Nueva Granada students, we are basically giving them an educational opportunity and a chance to be something more in life. Even the smallest change can make the difference. So, the next time you go to the bookstore and buy something, think twice. And yes, the brownies and cookies or treats that are made buy other students, obviously don’t go to the Hogar.

But the other twenty thousand things they sell there do. Hopefully, prices will stay the same and stop from rising. Let’s face it, I’m a student too, I don’t like spending my money, just like all of you hate it too. But why not help underprivileged kids when we are able, and have the power to do it?