It’s Easy Being Blue/Green

It seems an odd thing to think about. What color describes a person best? First, one needs to figure out what the color means, and then, ask if it applies to a particular person. That is a challenging thing to think about, but once a person figures it out, it seems so simple and easy to see the connection.

Following these steps, I decided the color combination that describes me best is blue/green. I chose this combination because of what these colors mean to me. When I think of green, I think of the outside, a place where I like to spend a lot of my time playing either golf, my favorite sport, or football. The smell of freshly mowed grass reminds me of golf courses and football fields, spaces where I regularly spend time with my friends and family. Being outside helps calms me, and when I need some quiet alone time I know I can go get it on the golf course.

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Alternatively, when what I need is time with others, I look forward to playing football. These two sports also help me clear my mind and they make me feel like there is nothing else in the world going on. The smell of freshly mowed grass just might be my favorite scent out there, another layer of connection to this color. Green also reminds me of the green fluttering leaves that set the background and the scene when I play golf and practice football. The second color of the combination, blue, is certainly my favorite color.

That might be because of what this color means to me. When most people think of blue, they think of sky and water, and I think of the same things. A peaceful canopy of blue sky reminds me of warm summer days playing golf, watching the ball fly in the air against the blue sky background, and crisp fall afternoons practicing football, looking up and seeing the calm blue skies floating over me. Blue water reminds me of fishing at my uncle’s lake house and swimming in the ocean, activities around which good memories have been made over many years, and that distracts me from all of my problems. Blue also reminds me of the great high school that I go to and where I better myself every day of the week. This place has also brought me some great memories and great stories to tell for years to come.

I enjoy life every single day; people do not see me get amped up very often. The blue/ green color combination makes me think of laid back times and calm moods. I think most people who know me tend to describe me as easy going and calm, which I have been all of my life. Whether preparing for a big test, fishing with family on a warm summer day, playing golf by myself on a breezy spring day, or just laying down on a couch at home doing nothing, I am enjoying every minute of every day; I think that is something everyone needs to try to do. The things I enjoy against a blue/green background are things that clear my mind from what is bothering me at the time. They help me feel at peace with the world around me and like nothing can bother me.

I guess I am like grass and leaves and water and sky in some ways. Both of these colors bring back great memories, memories from my childhood to the present, memories of moments and people that have shaped me as a person. I think that a person instantly knows when they have the right color combination to describe them when the colors bring back good memories, reminding them of what has shaped the way they are today. It is hard to believe that just a day ago I did not even think about this idea of what color I am, thought that no one ever thought about this strange idea, and now it seems so simple when I think about this idea. As I said in the beginning, picking a color that best describes my personality challenged me.

Once I broke the idea down little by little, it became easier to figure out what color combination describes me best. Thinking about it, I cannot imagine another color combination representing me as well.