It's Not the Weapons, It's the People

Going to school is a constant struggle for me. It’s not easy waking up extremely early every weekday, and it’s not easy picking out what to wear each morning either.

However, some students struggle with much bigger problems. The problem they face is the fear of going to school.School violence is a huge issue and it has to do with the lack of security in schools. According to a New York Times article, posted in February 2018, by Jugal K. Patel, it states “After Sandy Hook, around 400 people have been shot in over 200 school shootings.” With that said, it isn’t hard to see that the lack of security has affected so many children and teens all over the United States.

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The problem is most schools don’t do anything about their security until a tragedy hits. I believe that schools should have certain ways to improve their security so that kids can feel safe again. In order to do that, though, I must address the following things: How school security is working currently, what it feels to have a loved one in school, how to stop school shootings, why we shouldn’t be putting guns in teachers hands, and why having the need to have a voice is all that’s on ours minds today. To begin, I am not a parent that has a loved one in an unsafe environment, but I once had my mother work at my school. My mom started working at my school when I was in kindergarten. I wasn’t really frightened about her working there until a couple years later.

One day, there was an intruder outside the school, and my mom, being the recess guard, had to go outside and see what was happening. I remember hiding in the corner of the classroom, looking out the nearest window. A quick glimpse of my mom ran by as a blur. I started panicking. I remember thinking; what if something were to happen to her? Is she going to be alright? This person could come into our school any second, nothing is stopping him. A wave of terror ran over my body.

Luckily, he ran past the school and was evenly contained by the police. Today, parents are raging over making their kids feel secure. Just imagine how parents feel having their kids in an unsafe environment. If there is higher security, then parents would feel more comfortable sending their loved ones off to school. In fact, a site called The U.S.

News Gallup, posted on August 2016, by Zac Auter, states “About 28 percent of US parents are concerned for their children’s safety.” After major shootings that percentage has rocket up. As I begin to realize the strong opinions that parents must have on their kids security, it made me want to ask others how to fix our security. To continue, if someone were to ever go to a school board meeting, the biggest question that is asked is how do we stop school shootings? The answer to that is to raise the bar with the security. There are numerous ways, but some may not be as effective.

Now, at my school the security is just locked doors and occasionally a police officer. In my opinion, I don’t think that is very beneficial. Most school shootings happen when a former student or adult brings a gun into school. To prevent this, metal detectors have a great impact on the items students bring. However, one major issue is that schools may not have the funds. The other option is to have a full time, trained security guard at the school 24/7.

I am all for this option. There would be one outside at each door that would be armed. The security guard may ask the person trying to come in, a number of questions before he or she is able to get past. But, some students may feel even more scared and that they could still get past them. Which is why others think that teachers should be armed in the classroom to protect the students when an intruder does enter the classroom.

In addition to that, most schools all have those lock down drills where students should hide in the corner while the teacher locks the door and hides with them. But soon that might change. One of biggest ideas people are saying to forestall shootings is that teachers should carry guns to protect the students and themselves. Should we be arming teachers? The problem with that is some students already think that teachers are scary. If kids walk into schools seeing teachers with a gun in their pocket, what will the students think? According to a Us News article posted on December 24, 2012, it states, “Gun control proponents as well as many education advocates scoffed at the suggestion.

They say that putting more guns in school would increase violence, not lesson it.” Putting guns in teachers hands isn’t the job of a teacher. A teachers task is to teach and help the students learn. It will distract the children from learning and frighten them.Also, all those instructors would have to make time in their schedule to train daily, so they don’t accidently end up hurting one of the students instead of the victim. According to a Us News article, posted in July 2013, by Elizabeth Flock, it states “Seven states have armed staff in schools.

” As some may see, it has already taken action in some states. Lastly, some people have heard about the national march that took place on March 14, 2018. People can take 17 minutes out of their school day to walk and pray. It was dedicated to the students who have died in a shooting in Parkland, Florida. Or maybe others thought it was an effort to prompt lawmakers to pass a gun reform law.

But, this was just one way of having a voice in what people believe. One of my friends has a very strong opinion about having higher school security in our school. So she actually went to our school board and told her opinion. In my opinion, I think that this is a very responsible way of expressing how others feel about their security in their school. Standing up to say something about how someone feels is one way that has affected people the most. Just share opinions, whether it is through a voice, an email, or even an opinion essay, like this one.

Even though waking up early isn’t really my cup of tea, I now know what kids just like me suffer with when going to school. School security is a recent topic and is still in the process of being discussed through so many schools all around the world. If schools do want to have higher security, kids would be safer, more comfortable, and can go to school without having fear overcome them. Today, school security today is just not enough. Having a loved one in school, a way to stop school shootings, arming teachers, and standing up to say something all have a major impact on how as a country we can raise our security. So please join me in trying to get our society to protect our educational students.