The People You Will Meet in High School

It’s crazy to think how different every teenager is. Each of them include their own personal mix of quirks, hobbies, fears, and aspirations.

But there’s one place where all these types of people meet from seven to two- school. Every one of these students know the drill: wake up, go to school, go home, do homework, and sleep. Of course, that’s not all we do, some of us enjoy a good meal every once in a while. Most high school students can be broadly classified into one of four categories- jocks, hippies, performing arts students, and Einsteins. Out of these three categories, jocks are probably easiest to spot. And that’s mainly because they carry a thirty gallon jug of water to every class.

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This characteristic mainly applies to the males. Both female and male athletes can be spotted wearing almost the exact same thing every day because ninety percent of their wardrobe consists of basketball shorts or leggings and either a school shirt or an overly-motivational-for-sitting-in-class Nike T-shirt. You’ll also spot the occasional mohawk haircut from the football players; because nothing screams teamwork like matching heads. Most jocks think they’re copies of Greek Gods, and that’s because it’s true.

Most of them think that they can get almost anything they want if they smile and flex enough, and it works more times than not. They flaunt their rock solid figures just enough to make you want to start a diet and exercise plan of your own…until you pass the doughnut isle in the grocery store.

Alongside them is the hippies (and by no means do I refer to youth holding up anti-Vietnam War posters or wearing colorful flare pants). These kids are also known as (but not limited to) druggies, potheads, or stoners. Aside from the lucky few that are easy learners, most of these teenagers have no idea what’s going on in class because all they can think about is the time they first got high or when they’ll get to smoke another one and with whom. Most have average to low test scores, and yet somehow manage to be the most calm and collected in class. If you listen closely, you’ll hear them whisper crazy party stories, or passionately argue about how weed isn’t addictive. Hippies are often united with the drinkers, cigarette smokers, and talk-backers.

These teens, keep in mind, are the future of America. Then there’s the performance students. Other names for them may include theatre kids, choir members, and band players. As much as some people hate to admit it, they’re what makes school events interesting. Last time I checked, nobody complains that we have a free period of watching a play made from their contribution.

And if they did have a problem, they’d shut their mouths or keep their voices at a low whisper because these kids are everywhere. Performance students are social, energetic, and possess a childlike nature. Most of us don’t realize how hard they work to sound, look, entertain, and represent the school. These kids are good-natured and free spirited. They don’t try to fit in because they know who they are and don’t care what others have to say about it. They’re the Peter Pans of today.

The few and the rare: the Einsteins. These students are envied by everyone on campus and their schedule of honors and advanced courses gives most highschoolers headaches. For these kids, homework is done around the same time, and everything revolves around college. These students are not only the brightest, but the most mature, focused, and self-driven. Their essays flow, and their grade doesn’t ever come close to average, and their work is always praised by the teacher in class.

These kids receive scholarships before they even enter high school. This group is also the most dynamic. Some love to read and write, while others are all about electronics, engineering, and video game hacks. No matter what category one may belong to, one thing’s for sure: you will never forget the enemies, friends, and experiences made here. High school is a time of growth, discovery, and revelation.

So brush your teeth, slip on some jeans and enjoy the roller coaster that is high school. After all, you’re only a teenager once.