Jesse James

Jesse James is one of the most memorable people in our history because of all the accomplishments that he made even though they were not always in our favor. In the first section I’m going to explain Jessie’s early childhood.

In the second I’ll explain how the civil war between the union army and the confederate army. Then in the third section I’ll explain how his decisions has affected us today. In the following you might see Jesse more than just one of the most coldblooded men in the west. Jesse James had a rough childhood, it had probably started when he was three. Him and his father had moved to California during the gold rush where they where very prosperous They gained 100 acres of land and six slaves. During that same time his dad also died.

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So because of the influences that were around him he became a confederate during the civil war. Once the civil war had begun he was already in a gang. He was about fourteen years old while he would be one of the confederates, he was lashed by the union army and saw Reuben Samuel, his step mothers husband, get tortured by being briefly hanged on a tree. So he was introduced to violence at a very young age, which had influenced him to become the person we know him to be today. Withen a year after the civil war Jesse James invented new ways to steal.

For example he and his gang commited the first daytime robbery during peace time. He made off with 60,000 from the Liberty, Mo. Bank. For the next 15 years he began doing more first times for robber like stealng from moving trains because of the gold it carried and be very successfulul at it. The money he had stole was mostly from the rich and nobody really knows what he did with all of it.

There were rumors that he might have been like Robin hood and gave some of his profit to the poor and others say that he kept it to himself but noone really knows. Law enforcements began to become hot on his trail so Jesse had gone into hiding with his family. Once he became short on cash he made another gang and had recruited more people, but the bounty on his head proved to become to tempting and Ford, a member of a new gamg that Jesse started, had shot him in the back of the head while Jesse was standing on a chair. Ford never got the money but instead he was charged with murder.