Lebron James

My book is about a legendary basketball player who had skipped his years of college to go straight to the pros. This basketball players name is Lebron James. This book starts of as a story of his life in high school as a student athlete.

In his later years of high school his mentality of the sport changed to basketball is “more than a game”. This book is a very inspiring piece of authorship.This book could be seen as more of a slow read. It begins with a lot of facts and statistics. You have to be interested in this topic to enjoy the book.

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I believe that readers that are classified as sports enthusiasts would be more interested in this particular book. This book goes along and picks up its pace and goes more in depth of Lebrons life and about his devotion to the sport he loves. As he talks about his devotion, he is constantly giving enthusiasm and little encouraging tips that could help you in your own life, such as when he says “its not just basketball, its a way of life”.There is a lot of things that I liked about this book. I liked that the book was always talking about his life and how his career effects his life. I like that the challenges that he faced was turned to me as if I was in his shoes.

It makes you think as if you were there and the career choices you make effect you and your family. It just gives you that since of being in that predicament in every day choices that you make.I didn’t like that it left out some of his smaller achievements in his life as a young superstar. It was usually pointing out his larger achievements. It could have talked a little more about his family and how his choices effected not only him but the people he was around such as friends and family.

It could have told me about all that he had to give up to get to the point that he was at in the end of the book. Overall I think this is a great book that I enjoyed reading. I would strongly recommend this book to anybody who enjoys the sport of basketball or who is a current Lebron James fan.