LeBron vs Kobe

Kobe and LeBron are both professional basketball players that have different skills, mostly because they are different positions. These two are both good , my argument is that LeBron is better. This issue is important because many people argue about this if they are talking about basketball. LeBron James is a power forward while Kobe Bryant is a shooting guard, that means LeBron will get more physical and fight more for the ball. Another reason is LeBron is taller and that makes it easier for him to grab rebounds.

LeBron is also about seven years younger, so it is easier for him to do most things. Finally, LeBron is overall more athletic. LeBron James averages more stats then Kobe in almost every category. For example, he has 26 points and nine rebounds and five assists per game, while Kobe has 22 points, three rebounds, and three assist a game. LeBron also beats him in percentages; he makes 40% of his three point shots while Kobe makes 20%.

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Scotty Pippin just said the other day that LeBron James is better than his old teammate Micheal Jordan, who was the best basketball player ever. Another reason LeBron is better is he was good on a bad team its hard to win games with one of the league’s worst teams. LeBron was on the Cleveland Cavaliers up until this year, so he hasn’t had the chance to be good. Kobe, on the other hand, is on one of the best teams in the NBA. Kobe is on the Los Angeles Lakers, a team with a lot of good players, so he can’t really be bad. Some people might think Kobe is better than LeBron because he has five NBA championship rings, while LeBron has zero.

I think the reason LeBron has zero rings is he never had any quality teammates or a good coach that could lead them to the win. Kobe has been on a good team with good players and a good coach for almost his whole career. But LeBron beats Kobe’s stats every way. To conclude, I believe LeBron is better than Kobe. Even though he was on a bad team, he was more physical/ had more “explosion” and matches Kobe’s stats exactly. Finally, I know that LeBron is better because he was good without the opportunity of getting to the finals.