Jesus the True Messiah

The first passage is an extract from the message of John (a man who was sent by God to proclaim the coming of Jesus). John is assuring the Christian believers that Jesus was the true Messiah and the son of God that was there at the beginning of the world with God and had got the authority to bring light into dark world (the world of darkness). This prophetic message prompted many people to be converted and further believed in Christ. The message of revelation, as spoken through John, manifested in the the power and authority that God had given to Jesus Christ in his greater plans to redeem the evil world from perishing. The light as used in this context refers to the messiah (Jesus) that God sent to bring down the power of darkness in all nations of the world.

The massage was spoken by John to the believers of Jesus Christ. Considering that this message was spoken at such a crucial time in the history of Christianity when there were so many self proclaimed messiahs, it explicitly set apart Jesus Christ as the only begotten son of God but no any other. The message of John plays a very signifcant role in drawing many to nations to believe in the power and authority of Jesus Christ as the only son of God through which the sins of the dark world could be atoned. Suffice it to say, such a prophetic message led to the spread of Christianity in all parts of the world. The centralized theme of the power and authority of Jesus over the lost and sinful world is very important to this course because it enables one to fully understand the main doctrines, belief, faith and practices of Christianity.

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In the second part of the reading, love is the greatest virtue that forms the theme of the article. Love supersedes all faculties and human boundaries. Taking into the consideration the religious teachings, Christ states that one should not only love his/her own enemies, but bless those who curse him, do good to those whom he hates, and pray for his prosecutors. This is an illustration that love denotes the true nature of God hence everyone ought to be inspired to show love to one another. Secondly, justice occupies yet another critical area of the Christianity.

Amos prayed God to let justice roll down life waters and rrighteousness like an ever-flowing stream. Against the background of injustices around the world, for instance slavery in the United States of America, several leaders such as Martin Luther, Thomas Edison, and Abraham Lincoln were the extremist for justice who always called for equality of all in the United States. Elsewhere, John Bunyan fought tirelessly against the evil systems to ensure that his conscience is not compromised at the expense of truth. It is a common observation that everyone tend to portray extremism in one way or the other. for this reason it prudent that we do not show extremism for immorality.

Similarly, we are under an obligation to stop nip the practices of justices at the bud by being extremists for love, truth and goodness because these are the key pillars to the success of humanity.From the above experiences it is clear that we should be extremists for love but not hate because the former is the true nature of God. We see the image of God through one another simply by showing love to one another. Additionally, truth and goodness are also important element of positive extremism.