JetBlue Airways

JetBlue Airways is a low-cost domestic airline in the United States. Their headquarters is situated at Foresthill in New York City. In addition, its main base is Queens also in John F. Kennedy International Airport.In the year 1998 JetBlue was ranked the eleventh largest airline in the industry, and was the other airline apart from southwest after the tragic incident of September 11, 2001.

During this time, most airlines in the industry were experiencing losses, but because of their strategic management, JetBlue remained constant in terms of their income.In short, JetBlue has always provided cheap but quality services to their customers by enforcing apt management techniques in the company. They have ensure this by advancing their systems with modern technology, using brand new planes, installing automated processes, and still maintaining their charging costs.

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Over the years, JetBlue has had their capabilities and challenges, and by this, they have been managed to identify their strong and weak points. Providing quality customer service has been the objective of the company, and had been the central pillar of their foundation.

This has been hand in hand with their provision of low cost flights.


The company needs to expand its routes and trips to far places such as in Africa and Australia. Improving on their services after the flight such as providing rental cars, hotel rooms, airline tickets would be a marvelous package to increase their competitiveness. Every company has a social responsibility in regards to society at large. However, not all companies assume their responsibilities as expected.

Conforming to social responsibility issues is one way of adhering to business ethics. Conforming to these responsibilities is one way of giviing back to the community that enables a business or corporation to grow and develop tremendously.


The first and vital recommendation that can be made to improve the services offered by JetBlue is by improving their efficiency on the services provided online. This would be by the introduction of the fiber cable, which allows the transmission of data at a much faster and reliable rate. The installation of the fiber cable will make the entire processes of booking ticket, hotel rooms, rental cars cheaper and fast hence enhancing the mode of communication internationally.


It is evident that JetBlue has strived to ensure that they are among the accepted airlines in the industry. Moreover, it is also evident that the competitiveness of these companies is determined by their uniqueness in the provision of their services.