Jim Thorpe

Jim Thorpe was the most famous footballer and athlete of the first half of the 20th century. Despite his controversial life in relation to his moral behaviour, he became a legend in sports at a time when tough and discouraging rules existed. Thorpe is described as a drunkard and regular wife barterer, a man who could not respect his family (Bufold 11). His all-round career both in athletics and football gave him a special brand and he inspired many young upcoming athletes. Thorpe won the 1912 Olympics in Stockholm, and kept a record which later took athletes sixty years to break.

His athletic career was greatly affected by the rule of ‘amateurism’ which prohibited stars from playing baseball. After being stripped off his medals, his influence later changed this rule and he reinstated. His career posed a big influence on the stiff rules in sports. His stamina and speed at the time made him a co-champion of the winner who won the Olympics after he was stopped. Thorpe was among the founders of the National Football League in America He was a star in the league as well.

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It was a time of rough game with basic rules making it difficult for any perceived star to rise. Thorpe demonstrated great skills and determination to sail through football when it was at its infant stage. Having gone through unbearable rules of football, his contribution to the National Football League helped to shape and improve football in America.