Have you ever seen those trainers or doctors on the sidelines of giant sporting events on TV? Every time someone gets hurt they rush out to go see what’s wrong and assist them in any way possible. Well, I have, and I think that would be a very good career to pursue.So I’m going to talk about a major life choice I might possibly make.

I want to have a career in the field of sports medicine.The three big reasons I want to get into that career is because; whatever job and career I choose, I want to stay involved in sports, I enjoy helping people and that’s all I would basically do in these jobs, and finally, it pays well, and it would support me in life. The biggest reason is because I would get to stay involved in sports. To me that is very important. Ever since I was just a wee little boy, all I have ever wanted to do was play sports, whether it was baseball, hockey or football, that’s all I wanted to do. But out of all the sports, by far my favorite is football.

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So if I could be a trainer at a high school or college, or even possibly even for a professional football team, then I couldn’t be any closer to the sport unless I played!So, not only do I enjoy sports, but I also enjoy helping people very much. Something I really enjoy is helping people, and I would get to help people all the time. I’m a little accident prone myself, so I know what it’s like to get banged up a bit. I’ve been lucky though and not had any real “major” injuries, pretty much just bumps, cuts and bruises. Something that a lot of athletes try to do is play the hero, and they get hurt and the big game is on the line, so they want to get in and help the team or if its an individual sport, win it for themselves.

They will sometimes fight through it and keep going; whether they win or lose, they’re almost guaranteed to injure themselves further. I get that you would want to push through the pain being a football player myself, but sometimes, it just isn’t worth it. If it’s the Olympics, then it’s different, but if it’s just a high school sport, then it’s not worth hurting yourself for the rest of your life. I would like to get that through to players, and if I was a trainer I could do that. I also thought it would be cool to be a doctor when I was a little kid, and I could possibly be one, so that’s a plus.

This job pays pretty well. The average salary of a trainor is $75,000 a year and I would need that to help support my family. That is very important to me. No matter what I do, it needs to be enough for me to not only support myself, but my family as well. I do understand that it would cost a decent amount of money to get my degree.

With a degree in sports medicine, I would make enough to pay back the money it cost to send me to college. With that degree my family and I would not have to worry about the bills, house or putting food on the table. Providing my job is not the only source of income. Those three things are very important to me. Every aspect of the job just makes me want to pursue a career in sports medicine. Jobs in this field are sought after, and I intend to get a job in sports medicine.

With all of that I would be able to stay involved in sports, get to help people, and get good pay. Maybe one day, I will see be on the TV, helping a player off the field.