John Adams, 2nd President of the United States

On October 30, 1735 gifted US Diplomat and Politician John Adams, Jr was born in Braintree, Massachusetts Bay (now Quincy, Massachusets) to John Adams, Sr and Susanna Boylston. Adams came from, on his mother’s side, a prominent Brookline, Massachusetts medical family. His father was a Congregationalist Deacon, a farmer, and also an officer in the local militia.

He had two younger brothers, Peter Adams and Elihu Adams. You may also have heard of his cousin Samuel Adams. John married his 3rd cousin, Abigail Smith, on October 25, 1764 in Weymouth, Massachusetts. Together they had 6 children: Abigail Adams Smith (July 14, 1765 – August 9, 1813) John Quincy Adams (July 11, 1767 – February 23, 1848) Grace Susanna (Susanna) “Suky” Adams (1768-1770) Charles Adams (May 29, 1770 – November 30, 1800) Thomas Boylston Adams (September 15, 1772 – March 13, 1832) Elizabeth Adams (1777-1777) Adams’ political career took hold when he was elected as a delegate to the 1st Continental Congress from Massachusetts Bay. A title which he held from September 5, 1774 until the dissolution of the Congress on October 26, 1774.

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His second political appointment was as a delegate to the 2nd Continental Congress, which was held from May 10, 1775 until June 27, 1778. After serving in congress Adams served as the equivalent of a modern day Ambassador. His “ambassadorship” was from the US to France. He held this from April 1, 1778 until June 17, 1779. John’s next position was as the US Minister to the Netherlands from April 19, 1782 – March 30, 1788. While the Minister to the Netherlands Adams also served as the US Minister to the Court of St.

James’s from April 1, 1785 until March 30, 1788. After leaving the position of both of those “ministerships” Adams became the 1st Vice President of the United States having lost the election to Gen. George Washington. After Washington served his two terms Adams campaigned again for President, this time winning against Thomas Jefferson who became his VP. As mentioned earlier in this article President Adams was the first President to be a member of any political party.

President Adams was a Federalist. He was also the first President to live in the White House as it was not completed until after Washington’s term was over. President John Adams was the father of future President John Quincy Adams. He passed away the same day as his Vice President and his successor, Thomas Jefferson, which was July 4, 1826.