Gov. Thomas Jefferson, 3rd President of the United States

US President Thomas Jefferson was born on April 13, 1743 in Shadwell, Colony of Virginia, British America to Peter Jefferson and Jane Randolph.

Jefferson lost his Father at age 14 in 1757. Upon his death, the land his father owned was split between Thomas and his brother Randolph. Thomas inherited 5,000 acres including his home of Monticello, which he owned until his death. On New Year’s Day 1772 he married his 3rd cousin, a 23 year old widow, Martha Wayles Skelton. The marriage resulted in 6 children: -Martha “Patsy” Jefferson Randolph* (September 27, 1772 – October 10, 1836) -Jane Jefferson (1774-1775) -An Unnamed Son (1777-1777) -Mary “Polly” “Maria” Wayles Jefferson Eppes* (August 1, 1778 April 17, 1804) -Lucy Elizabeth Jefferson (1780-1781) -Lucy Elizabeth Jefferson (1782-1785) -Harriet Hemings -Beverly Hemings** -Harriet Hemings** -Madison Hemings** -Eston Hemings** A political career was born on June 20, 1775 when Jefferson became a delegate to the 2nd Continental Congress from Virginia.

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He held the position until September 26, 1776. His next appointment was as the 2nd Governor of Virginia, succeeding Patrick Henry, from June 1, 1779 until June 3, 1781. He was a delegate to the Congress of the Confederation from Virginia from November 3, 1783to May 7, 1784. The next year Jefferson became the US Minister to France on May 17, 1785 and held the position until September 26, 1789. On March 22, 1790 President George Washington named Jefferson as the 1st US Secretary of State.

He left that position on December 31, 1793. In 1797 Jefferson ran for President and lost to John Adams, at the time US policy made him the Vice President, making him the 2nd Vice President of the United States from March 4, 1797 until March 4, 1801. In 1801 Jefferson again ran for President and this time won. He was the 3rd President of the United States from March 4, 1801 until March 4, 1809. President Jefferson was the first President who was not married at the time he became President. His wife Martha passed away in 1782.

Instead his eldest surviving child and eldest daughter Martha Jefferson Randolph served as First Lady while he was president. President Thomas Jefferson passed away on July 4, 1826, the 50th Anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence. John Adams Jr. (2nd POTUS) passed away the same day. * Children of Thomas Jefferson and Martha W.S.

Jefferson that Lived to Adulthood ** Children of Thomas Jefferson and slave Sally Hemmings (1/2 Sister of Martha WS Jefferson) who lived to Adulthood ALL children listed in italics are those of Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemmings