Jolli Bee Case study

Pizza and the Joint venture with Deli France even increased their product margin. Company philosophy The next big strength of Jollied Foods Corp.. Is their company philosophy, which was set after Tact’s vision. The so-called “Five AS” contain “flavor food”, “friendliness”, fun” “family’ and “flexibility’.

Flavor food: As already mentioned, Jollied places special emphasis on good, healthy and flavor food.

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The other four If’s aim to give the customer a nice stay and a nice atmosphere with their family where they can Join their meal. 3 4 Weaknesses Expansion of business in international markets As already mentioned the first moves to foreign markets failed. Due to several mistakes Jollied had to close their stores after a couple of years. The management made huge errors when they cooperated with local manager, which didn’t follow the company’s philosophy. Jollied should have controlled the manager from the beginning and maybe they had to show them their operational management skills to fulfill their requirements, e.

. With a training or instruction. Additionally the communication within the organization has to approve so that problems between the two divisions can be minimized. Dependence on Halloos Another weakness of Jollied is their dependence on Filipinos. Instead of addressing to people from all walks they try to force themselves to Just serve Filipinos. With a well managed marketing addressed to other citizens the demand after Jollied reduces could increase and maybe lead to a expansion towards Europe.

Moreover they could start promotional campaigns where Jollied is presented as a global brand. Bias towards friends Jollied Foods Corp.. Has a strong bias towards friend and relatives while selecting local franchise partners. This often led to problems.

They should select their partners after their attitude to work and capability instead of friendship. EXTERNAL ANALYSIS 5 Opportunities Widen product range As previously mentioned the product range and taste of Jollied differs from competitors like Burger King and McDonald’s due to its Philippine origin.

This is not only a chance, but also a risk at the same time. The special taste gives Jollied the chance, that customers prefer their food. Also Jollied should show that they only serve quality food while the price is still affordable.

With a well-planned marketing campaign they could reach a competitive advantage. Otherwise Jollied runs danger to lose the competition because of the far bigger marketing budgets and brand recognition of the established burger chains, as they face this problem in Hong Kong and California.

Furthermore they could widen their product range to address people from other countries. Another option would be to include more local food items to target more mainstream American people. But as Tony Kitchener already failed with the “Collegial”, which is modifier for each country this has to be planned exactly.

If something like that will be used again, a better communication to the customers is necessary. Untapped locations Location management is a key to success in the fast-food industry, as the number of customers increase with a well-located restaurant.