Journal Class BA200 Business

Integrity and hard work are my most cherished traits. However, for the sake of giving a better impression to a potential employer I would not hesitate to include such descriptors as honesty and self motivation. This gives a perfect understanding that every employer in the world would greatly value an employee of such personality. For instance, the employee that is quite very hard working would most likely boost the financial returns of the firm, which is the ultimate desire of every enterprise. Although, hard work does not always commensurate to the quality of the work done, there is always an impression that such people can improve themselves.

That is why several employers usually allow such hard working staff to attend vocational training in the hope that they would develop their full potential (Afland, Alexander 1972 p. 56). However, hard work and self motivation must go together with honesty and self respect. That is why I have taken several years of my life to inculcate such character traits in myself. Ideally, it takes a great deal of honesty for any employer to entrust an employee with their property.

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That is why sometimes employers bypass merit of giving certain responsibilities to people who are relatively less qualified. In fact, it is a very common occurrence especially in personal business where the business owner feels a special connection with the property. As such, they try to ensure that all operations of the business organization are put in very responsible hands. Although such entrusted personalities sometimes betray, the perception that they can do a perfect job usually sets them in very crucial positions at the work place. This is the opportunity that I have been looking for to exploit as I attempt to climb the career ladder considering that I have never really been at the top of the class.

I am using these descriptors to give an impression of a good character that is worth employing. Ideally, this would give me a competitive advantage over other job seekers who have relatively better papers than I have (Afland, Alexander 1972 p. 124). Success denotes a sense of achievement of certain predetermined goals in life. Indeed, success is the ultimate goal of all humans.

In a real life situation, success is an assurance of good life for oneself as well as for their children. For instance, when one succeeds at their work place, they would be rewarded with a better pay. This will enable them to provide better care for their families including taking them to better schools and such. Even at a personal level, a successful individual would feel a sense of gratification that indeed they have while making an impact on the world. In fact, recognitions no matter how small they might be greatly enhance this feeling especially among employees.

Above all, the feeling that the future generations would live a better life due to the simple things you do is quite immense. That is basically why people often fight so hard to achieve a certain set of goals that are geared towards making the world a better place. As for me, my legacy should be based on my abilities to motivate young people to take their education more seriously. This is because the quality of education that they get would directly determine the kind of leadership, workforce as well as the parenthood that the next generations will have (Sullivan & Sheffrin 2003 p. 78). In conclusion, I am doing everything possible to make myself the kind of ideal employee that employers would rush for.

Although it is not an easy adventure, considering the several sacrifices that one has to make, it is a course worth pursuing because it will definitely pay back someday. This is my plan for my career success.