A promising future doesn’t exist. The choices you make affect your life-not how smart or rich you are.

A promising future doesn’t exist. Someone’s life can change in a second. A future is what you make it. Promising a future when we don’t know what will happen in the next hour is a waste of time. Living life and rolling with the punches- that’s a promising future. Thinking that because one has money and plans means they will get farther in life is dumb.

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Everyone has the same choice. Either you go to school, spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on an education or you take your chances-go to the academy/enlist- or hope you can live on a job that doesn’t require a degree. A promising future is what people say when they want to think that they will be able to do what we want. What is realistic is hard work. Now people who work hard have a shot. It doesn’t matter what background you come from.

The only thing that matters is you can put your sites on something and work for it. There is nothing left to say about school. High school in the US is a waste of time. Spending four years learning things we won’t ever use again is a waste of time. By the time kids get out of school at 18 they can’t pay for taxes, file an insurance claim, and they won’t enter the field of work they want to enter until their mid 20s.

Now if high schools started teaching kids what they wanted and needed to know at a younger age, the society would be better functioning. Kids would be treated like adults faster-teaching them better responsibility. In other countries kids are going into college at 16 and entering their field in their early 20s. Schools in the US should teach things that we want to learn and teach things we are going to use. Everyone needs know how to pay their taxes bills and daily living costs, how to pay insurance and how to fill a claim if something happens.

Also if kids start learning thing that they want to learn for the future and the job the want to go into they will be more successful productive young adults.