Kedlac case study

Berry’s employment at Saddle Medical Center the hospital sent a letter to LORD requesting recommendations and evaluations of DRP. Berry skills and abilities. ” (HTTPS://www. Quinine. Com/cases/saddle-medical-center-v-alkaline- anesthesia-associates) Saddle also gave LORD a questionnaire that had specific questions they wanted to have answered. LORD responded to Saddle with a very short letter stating only DRP.

Berry dates of employment with no other information given and the questionnaire not filled out. Consequently, based on the information provided by LORD and DRP. Berry’s former colleagues at Alkaline, Saddle hired him.

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After a year of working for Saddle, DRP. Berry was the anesthesiologist for a tuba legation surgery. “The surgery resulted in a horrific outcome, allegedly due to the physician’s gross negligence and drug impairment during surgery.

” (Hoofers, Patricia. The Duty to Disclose The Cost of Silence in Medical Staff Credentialing. Modern Health Magazine. Web. August 2006) The family of the now vegetative patient sued DRP. Berry and Saddle as his employer.

Cadillac settled the case for 7. 5 million dollars. Cadillac was not going to allow for all the blame to be put on them and decided that hey were going to recover what they had paid out.

Saddle with the help of their Insurance company sued alkaline, Alkaline anesthesia Associates and the doctors who had written the letters of reference for the physician. “This litigation resulted In the 8. 2 million Jury verdict, for which the provider defendants are liable for 4 Credentialing.

Modern Health Magazine. Web. August 2006) “The court held that a party does not Incur allowably every time It casually makes and Incorrect statement, but allowably was warranted here due to public policy concerns for patient safety. Therefore, DRP. Tennis’s and DRP. Appears statements anaerobes DRP.

Berry Just snort rater Telling NV were normatively annealing Ana violated this duty. ” (Leathery, Sims, Strata, Toby. Saddle v. Alkaline anesthesia Associates: Firth Circuit Finds No Affirmative Duty to Disclose Between Health Care Providers under Louisiana Law. NP.

) So what does this case bring to light? It’s the fact that not disclosing the information about a previous employee who was terminated under incriminating circumstances can and will cause serious consequences. Even though DRP. Berry might have had the education and the know how to do the Job well he was not able to do so because of his illness.

Had the information been provided that DRP. Berry was terminated for on the Job negligence due to substance abuse, which was accessible to him daily, Saddle along with many other employers would have given it a second thought about hiring DRP.

Berry. It is also safe to say that an extensive peer review should have been accomplished.