Kuvo Radio Case Study

Radio was a radio station created in Denver to enhance the presence of their Hispanic community. The founding fathers of Kobo Radio envisioned that their radio station would one day be a voice for their local Latino community. The purpose of Kobo Radio was to start a music station that catered toward the Hispanic community of Denver. ISSUE: Kobo radio leaders “saw the radio station as a vehicle for establishing a voice for the Latino community’.

Kobo radio depended on the donations of its members, instead of commercial sales because it was a “501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization and a member of both National Public Radio and Public Radio International. ” At the time, there were legal sanctions placed on advertising over the radio that prevented Kobo from retaining many corporate sponsors. This in turn lowered Kobo Radio’s income. As a result, Kobo Radio became dependent on donations from their Local Hispanic community. When Kobo Radio first started off, they primarily played Spanish music.

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As time progressed, Kobo added to Jazz music to their repertoire. This caused Kobo Radio to lose their primary target market which was their local Hispanic community. STRATEGY: Kobo radio station should have to attempted bond with their Spanish- speaking followers, and attract them to their station in other ways besides for listening to music. The station should have played the national anthem of their local listener’s mother countries each morning. It would have cost them next to nothing and would have brought a feeling of camaraderie amongst international borders.

A common nationalistic bond, I believe, would attract more loyal listeners and therefore financial support as a result. The common bond could be religion, broadcasting news from the mother country or lectures regarding how Latino can succeed in the Unites States. In addition, many religious leaders would want to be guest speakers for the radio station and preach their religion. Many artists and professionals want to promote their services and expertise, and would pay to get their name out there and e advertised through the radio.

There could be many more sponsors for advertisements for the radio station with the proper adjustments. This will allow for many more people to listen from all over the world, not Just in Denver.

JUSTIFICATION: The Hispanic population is growing faster than any other ethnic group in the United States today. With Denier’s metropolitan area already being thirteen percent Hispanic, and it is expected to rise to twenty percent in incoming [ears, there is a great need to have a Hispanic radio station.