Lack of Parental Concern

Lack of Parental Concern. The increasing trend of substance use and abuse amongst the adolescents has been well attributed to the parents’ ignorance about the fact of their children ever-engaging in the substance use and abuse. When parents are perceived as careless in matters concerning their children, it is perceived by these children (adolescents) that they are not cared for and that nobody is concerned about them, they then purport to engage themselves in the consumption of various substances altogether. These parents are replaced with celebrities occupying the entertainment industry as role models. Hatred of Authority, Discipline or Parental Control.

The rebellious character among the youth is one of the major factors as to why they embark on using substances altogether. It should be further noted that various entertainers promote violence, sexual activity and substances use as a way of expressing their feelings towards infringement of their freedom. This form of behavior is especially expounded by the functionalism theory of rebellion and retreatist altogether. In this case the entertainers are emulated for their specific roles in advocating for rebellion against the existing governing bodies which range from parents to the government as a whole. Promotion of Cynicism and the Entertainment Industry. In this case the young adults as well as the youth are made to emulate the celebrities in almost every aspect of their lives which ranges from lifestyle to culture.

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This is well expounded by the sub-cultural perspective of criminalist and retreatist altogether whereby the stable and busy individuals are involved in a form of culture which promotes and advocates for living life without taking full responsibility of their actions. Absence of Morality or Religious Foundations which Preach the Same. Nowadays it is almost a fact that various societal norms which existed before have been overrode by modernity so that freedom is granted for almost everything individuals undertake. In most cases, these individuals are young adults as well as adolescents. To them, the aspect of conforming to the societal norms is a way that is considered to be out of fashion and out dated at the same time.

Thi phenomenon is expounded well by the underlying societal sub-cultural perspective of modernism which advocates that individuals are expected to participate only in matters which they think are right for them. It is also a way of rebelling against the existent norms that are wholly accepted by the wider society. It is also a way of retreating from the underlying expectations of the society Growing Up Without Sufficient Discipline and Supervision. It has been found out that when teenagers and young children grow up without discipline and supervision, they tend to resort to substance use and abuse in that matter. The fact that their parents and guardians are far away from their activities they are made to believe that they are not cared for at all.

When children grow without any form of supervision from their peers then they tend to turn out as rebels. Functionalism theory of sub-culture depicts that children become retreatist when they need more freedom than they deserve. Lack or Absence of Companionship. Teenagers belong to the phase of the population which needs more than parental love relationships. They tend to seek other forms of relationship which they can use as platforms to release tension, anxiety and stress.

Usually these relationships are based on opposite sex. It is a requirement amongst the youth that they belong at least to some form of the aforementioned relationship. When this relationship fails, then the youth resorts to the consumption of substances and the abuse as well (“A” Level Sociology. (2007).Suggestions to Media Executives, Entertainment Stakeholders, Health Professionals, and/or Entertainers Themselves regarding Subculture, Substance Use, and Behavioral Change In order to curb the influence the entertainment industry has on younger generation inclined to substance use and abuse on, the following are the suggestions that should be taken into consideration; The media personnel should discourage the aspect of airing both verbal and music videos that promote the use of substances. They should instead embark on providing free public advertisements whose aim is to discourrage the younger generation from participating in substance abuse.

The stakeholders of entertainment should be encouraged to provide funds which aim is to establish drugs related programs and institutions in order to enlighten the public on the need to shun away from substance use and abuse. These programs should also take care of those children who practice the consumption of substances so that they are rehabilitated and released back to the society. Health professionals should be made accountable for providing both over-the-counter prescriptions and the drugs prescriptions so that they ensure these substances are not made available to the younger generation as a whole.The entertainers should also be greatly involved in awareness campaigns so that they are encouraged to shun from creating music which promotes the consumption of drugs. They should also be encouraged to participate in the community projects and be made to comprehend the fact that their respective behavioral changes do immediately affect the extremists and so promote positive behaviors which can be embraced by the aforementioned fanatics at large.

These entertainers should also be asked to shun away from introducing sub-cultures which promote substance abuse altogether. In conclusion, it is safe to indicate that the effects the entertainment industry impacts on the younger adults and adolescents are great and concern the lives of members of the society. From the research conducted, it is reasonable to note that young adults and adolescents are very much affected by the underlying sub-cultural perspectives of entertainment industry. Various cultures and lifestyles are also facets which trigger the phenomenon of substance use and abuse. Loneliness, lack of parental guidance and hatred of authority forms are the main reasons of substance use and abuse, nevertheless it is well depicted that they can be overcome by postulating specific goals and suggestions.

These recommendations or rather suggestions are also expounded to include positive portrayal of media coverage as well as using requesting celebrities to enlighten the specific population that is affected by substance use and abuse.