Lack of Supervision of Children

The major problem faced by families in military posting at Los Angeles community air force base is the lack of supervision of the children. The children are given the least attention by the parents because of the squadrons that they are in that are putting a tremendous strain on the parents themselves by sending them to temporary duty assignments or war zones year after year, Gail L.

(2002). Being away from the children has caused a lot of problems because the parents cannot offer parental guidance. Since they are less taken care of by the parents they have the tendency to fall prey to drugs and alcohol at a tender age. This kind of affinity towards drugs and alcohol also lead to violent behavior which can harm their life.The occasional change of schools and neighborhood also create a negative impact on the children as they loose their friends which bring emotional loss.

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This can lead to depression and affect the mental health of children leading to atrocious behavior thus the children can turn into drug taking because with every day change in learning institutions, the children cannot follow the school syllabus well and learning becomes difficult and boring. The children are the backbone of the society and if not groomed and trained well, they can bring forth an unhealthy personality in the future. They form a big part of the community and they need to be nurtured well to bring about a healthy society. The lack of attention of parents to the children is the main cause of unorganized lifestyle of them.Parents are giving very less time to groom their child and this have an adverse affect on them.

It was a very disturbing thing to see the children of my friend who is an air force military officer behaving in a very abusive manner towards him. He lives in Los Angeles Air Force Base and could find the kids playing in the neighborhood also very ill mannered and abusive. The language the children have been using and the kind of attention they were giving to their parents is very disgraceful.Some parents being alone are themselves mentally disturbed and are not able to give quality time to their off springs. This practice has been going for long time in military families as parents are not organized enough to give proper training to the children.

The parents suffer greatly from it as it is very disrespectful behavior towards them and also it is very embarrassing and hurtful in front of guests and others. It has been shown through research that children are affected psychologically by the insufficient care of parents in air force military profession and this has made them turn to other children who in turn introduce drugs to them. They are more stressed and disturbed when their parents are deployed on war and get emotionally and physically weak. It brings a black mark on the society as they are the future generation who has to guide the rest.The parents should make sure that they concentrate more on their kids by making use of services provided by the military organization.

Military Child Care is one service which will be of great assistance to single parents who are left alone at home when their spouses are deployed at service. The Military Child Care Act of 1989 (MCCA) was launched by the House and Senate in November 1989, (2010). The mission of MCCA was to improve the management, availability, safety, and quality of child care provided on military installations. Military summer camps are also very beneficial to children as they interact with qualified staff who advice them on personality improvement and on ways to interact with people.

These services give help to spouses of air force military personnel to give additional care and attention to bring about a positive change in their child’s life. The children of the air force military base at Los Angeles community have an advantage of the military child care act. The Military Child Care gives quality care to children from infant stage to twelve years of age. This gives a good foundation to the children regarding their etiquette and manners. This program also provides financial assistance to the child’s studies and also gives employment opportunities to the spouses of air force military officials, (2010). They give best care to the children at a very affordable cost and also observe the development of the child at every stage. Child abuse is also taken care of as the program has well distribution of staff to manage activities.Parents of military profession can help their children to relax by sending them to the summer camps organized by military academy. This session provides kids with many exciting opportunities to engage in activities like athletic and creative programs. They also get a chance to go on an adventurous trip to a naturally beautiful place and enjoy themselves.

Summer camps are also good environment to socialize with other children and staff to build up a better personality.Better care and attention from parents is very essential for the complete well being of a child. The services provided by military to children also give proper care and education to them regarding all aspects of life which will brighten up their personality.