Ladies and Gents, I give you Bully

A bully looks for points of weakness in their competition. They’re smart people; they realize with only a few words they can completely crush a person, crush them all the way to the ground. Anyone who has ever been bullied knows that it’s not easy to get up from that low of a point. Bullies are magicians really. They work their magic and totally transform a person.

Since there are indifferent people in the world, bullying will never be put to a halt. They take a beautiful person with a matching beautiful personality and tear her to the ground. She becomes depressed. Her shining personality disappears. Rabbit’s Out Of the Hat The issue of bullying has become exposed more in the past few years, but has it come to a stop? Nope. Indifferent people remain and don’t put a stop to it.

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The people who just sit back and watch the “weird” kid getting pushed into the wall are just giving the person who did it permission and more ammunition. All a bully wants is attention. Honestly, it doesn’t matter if the problem’s exposed. What matters is if people are taking steps to prevent it. If not, it’s going to be a never ending vicious cycle which only results in depression and more teen suicides.

Disappearing Act Bullies make people disappear. They take a beautiful soul and crush it. They make it vanish, and poof! It’s gone. It’s possible the bully doesn’t even realize the effect their words can have on a person. A person’s personality can be completely changed because of a bully.

Being constantly patronized by others can really cause a person to melt away inside and out. Some of the horrific situations bullies put others through are almost impossible to recover from. A Seat in the Balcony Holocaust survivor, Elie Wiesel, once said, “Indifference is the epitome of evil”. If people continue to take the back seat in the balcony and watch bad things occur, evil will continue to overpower. Many people say bullies are a major problem in our society, which is true, but the people who remain indifferent about the situation are also a major source of the problem.

They make the bullies feel cool for doing such things. This is why a majority of the “popular” people are bullies; they feel better about themselves after making another person feel worse. The Grand Finale The effects of bullying are a frightening reality. Many teens and children end up taking their own lives as a result of being teased, abused, or even being made fun of on the internet. Now that the issue has been exposed, it’s time for it to be stopped. The only way to prevent bullying is to inform people of the harmful results and educate them on what to do if they are being bullied.

A single drop in the ocean can create a wave, and one single person can create a movement.