Larry Ross Case Analysis

1. Does Larry Ross provide an accurate and realistic picture of how organizations operate? If you think so, is it true of all, most, some or only few organizations? Why did you answer as you did? Yes, Larry Ross provides a very real, vivid and accurate picture of how organizations generally operate, especially the organizations that have been around for years such as the DuPont and the General Motors.

What Ross describes as “organization operations” is true for most organizations that base their operations on profitability.Additionally, this is also true for large scale organizations with thousands of employees and stake/stockholders. A small size organization may operate in this manner but not to the extent of the large companies. This is evident in the case when Ross points out that most of the corporations he had been affiliated with traded on the stock exchange with thousands of stockholders. I answered as I did because of my experience with both midsize and large size companies.

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I currently work for a large privately owned organization and what Ross expressed is dead on accurate. My immediate boss operates in the manner Ross describes as the black and whites. I have seen on a daily basis when top management goes into a meeting rumors start circulating even before the meeting is over and nine out of ten times the rumors are accurate or close to being accurate. I have seen instances of managers promoting supervisors who then become their boss and one is left wondering how did that happened. So my answers are purely based on experience.

2. Is the organization better (or worse) off if managers behave like Larry Ross? Why? I would say it really depends on the manager’s mind set, and what his/her objective/motivation is personally and professionally. However, most organization would be better off if managers behaved like or similar to Larry Ross. Larry Ross clearly understood what3. Assuming that you would like to become an executive in a large rganization, would you be willing to do the things Ross does to achieve your goal? Why?4.

Do you see Larry Ross as a person who has largely contributed to his own problems, or as a person who simply goes along with a world he did not create? Why?


  1. Are people like Larry Ross usually successful in getting themselves promoted into top executive positions? Once there, are they effective leaders?
  2. Is there any reason to suspect that Ross contributes to his own problems?