Late Starts

Reset the alarm clocks, it is a late start day! Classes won’t start at 7:45, but 9:00 am everyone! Yes, that is right! We get an extra hour and fifteen minutes.

Everyone loves the few times a month when they get to set their alarm clocks for a little later than usual. Not only is it a little extra sleep, but shorter classes! Everyone is a little cheerier, because of the extra time to sleep. Now, not everyone takes the time to sleep. Some girls take the extra time to do homework and sometimes go out to breakfast. Can you say Panera? Late starts are a mini weekend in the middle of the week.

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Everyone comes back on Thursday a little happier. Of course, not everyone uses her time wisely. Some girls stay up super late, “because I get to sleep in tomorrow.” Everyone is thankful for these short days. They give Mercy girls a break from the usual schedule and it switches it up a little.