Leadership Free Essay Example

Jacob Overcoming Leadership Their is not very much that I have had to overcome in my life span, thirteen years is not a ton of time, but at the same time it is, I’ve only had one occasion that I really had to overcome. I always was worried about not being enough of a leader on my soccer team.This season was the first season that I knew I had to step up my game, I couldn’t keep goofing off and not being a leader.

I knew after a while I would have to step up to be a leader on my soccer team along with a select few, the leaders were all eighth graders. Most of the oldest people, know they have to be leaders, present themselves as leaders. I knowfor most people it’s a lot easier if they are the only leader in the group, because if there’s more competition there will be less leading going on, and more people wanting to be acknowledged and seen as a hero. However on my team, only us eighth graders were the only ones that got along really well, as well as a select few from seventh grade. I find it much easier when we have some mature younger kids, it helps with controlling the kids.

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Since I started to play soccer I had competition, that’s probably a good thing, but having competition on your own team is debatably a good thing. I wanted to push myself obviously, but having my arch-enemy on my soccer team is pushing it. When I am the oldest person on the team, you feel drawn to leading, almost like an instinct, but if you are being challenged by a younger more immature person, you feel like you need to put them in there place. When you become a leader the realization hits you, just how immature you were. After all the immaturity you grow and become a better person, a better leader to your peers and people that look up to you. If leadership means growing up, I think It improved my overall confidence and push in soccer and school.

I might not be a leader in school, but at least I am on the field. If you let what other people want get in the way of what you want, you won’t get anywhere,you won’t grow. However you want to become a leader, by working for it or just by shooting people down just to get to the top, you have to make sacrifices, it’s how you know you are doing something right. You can’t climb a mountain without legs. So if it means giving up a little bit of video game, it’s worth it all the way. Overcoming was more of becoming what I would have wanted to be from day one, but sometimes you just have to work for the things you want.